Breakfast ING – Enjoying Asian Brekkie

Breakfast ING is a small Taiwanese / Malaysian breakfast place located at Creditview and Burnhamthorpe. It’s really cozy with a few tables and some window seats.

I’ve visited Breakfast ING multiple times already and each time I go, I’m enjoying it more and more.

The place also seems to be getting busier and busier – Like this morning I arrived pretty early at 9am and already there was only two window seats left, (which I grabbed. See the guy in the pic patiently waiting for a table.). I also noticed a mixed customer base this time where before the customer base was all Asian people. So Breakfast ING is doing something right! They even extended their operating hours to accommodate their popularity.

Breakfast ING menu offerings include different Taiwanese, Malaysian, Hong Kong breakfast dishes, crepes and sandwiches, soups and other meals. I’ve only gone for breakfast so now with the longer weekend hours, I’ll need to try the other items.

This is the Traditional Breakfast from the Early Bird menu, consists of two eggs, macaroni soup, choice of meat and choice of drink (I chose Hong Kong Milk Tea).

I love their Potato Croquette so I ordered a side of it. I like the cabbage accompanying my croquette, but I don’t want the ketchup.

Here is my Shrimp Burger which reminds me of the shrimp burger from McDonalds in Japan.

Here is my Malaysian House Special Sandwich with beef patty, lettuce, tomato, cheese, some spicy red sauce, mayo, on egg bread. So good. Waiting for my potato croquette.

This is my crepe egg roll with meat floss and corn. And of course, my potato croquette and Hong Kong tea!

Here is a picture of the breakfast menu. What the customer does is tick off each box of what they want to order with the erasable marker. And then bring the menu up to the counter. You pay after you eat.

What is so nice about Breakfast ING menu is that the meals are small portions and inexpensive, so you can order multiple items to eat. I usually order two things. Sometimes I want to order more, but I can’t be a pig. LOL.

PS.(I found the storefront image on Google, and would like to give credit to the unknown owner).

Address:. Breakfast ING, 4040 Creditview Rd., Mississauga, ON


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