I was invited to a candy party! at CANDY CRATE SWEET SHOP & CAFE !

CANDY CRATE SWEET SHOP is popping up at Erin Mills Town Centre (across from H&M) for the summer July – August 2019. The company, Candy Crate Events set up the space to resemble a chic Parisian café just for this party. It was so pink and fluffy and cute – us girls would love it (but guys would also love the treats)! I just need a little poodle to go with my treats.

I sampled delicious and various types of lollipops, chewy gummies, and cotton candy. The twist to all this is the sweets are vegan, gluten free, dye free and organic. So they are actually ‘healthy’! They were most delicious, especially the cotton candy tasting like coconut and the chewy gummies were so juicy, flavourful and just tasted natural.

I also had a London Fog latte topped with a cloud of cotton candy. Even without the cotton candy, the beverage was silky smooth and comforting.

Candy Crate Events is a very local business in Oakville operated by all women. The owner of the business is Anita Saini. Not only is Candy Crate popping up at Erin Mills this summer, they especially cater to parties, weddings, showers, and any type of function where you want a customized candy table!

I can’t wait to try the other candies offered and I’ve already sent so many suggestions to family and friends!

Here was the kids table for the young foodies at this party:

Drop by Candy Crate Sweet Shop & Café starting now to the end of August at Erin Mills Town Centre. If you want more information on a customized candy table for your event, visit their website: Or their Facebook page:


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