Hey Noodles – Mississauga

Hey folks, I went to Hey Noodles on Rathburn and Deer Run yesterday. I’m going to tell you right off the bat – I did not like the food.

First, I’ll start with my obligatory intro of Hey Noodles. The restaurant is fairly new, just a few months old. Google is loaded with high reviews about this place… But the reason I wanted to try this place was I saw it multiple times while driving by the area. And then I went to Google … hmmmm. Anyhow, the restaurant is stylish, quaint and modern. I quite liked it inside.

Hey Noodles serves Chongqing noodles that consists of spicy, and very flavourful dishes. I’m not too familiar with this type of cuisine from this region of China. We ordered two noodle soups and two sides. We’ll start with the noodles.

This first soup is the Tomato and Pork Ribs Noodle. The tomatoes were nice in the soup but the overall broth was too sweet. I should’ve realized the pork ribs would be just boiled with not much flavour… The noodles were actually nice.

This noodle dish was the Beef Brisket in Pickle Soup. At first the sour flavour was nice with a bit of spicy, but the flavour became annoying fairly quickly. I didn’t try the brisket.

This first side is Duck Gizzards. I thought the meat would be soft like liver, but it was kind of chewy. Reminded me of sausage. It was just okay, even tho this picture doesn’t look too appetizing.

This is just a cucumber side. I was actually looking forward to this appetizer cus I thought it would be crunchy, refreshing and cold. I thought it would have a nice vinegary flavour to it…. I was so wrong – the cucumbers came out room temperature, not crunchy and not sour. It had a weird flavour to it, some type of herb or seasoning, almost a nauseating perfume-y flavour.

So NO, I did not like Hey Noodles for their food. Service and atmosphere was nice, but the food was a big miss. It’s not for me!

Address:. Hey Noodles, 900 Rathburn Rd W, Mississauga, ON



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  1. doesitblog says:

    Thanks for the review… I haven’t been back to this area, both because I left Mississauga a few years ago, and due to quarantine. I really want to come back for the Mississauga pho. Are you sure this is near Deer Run? You might be confusing it with the location of Wonton Chai Noodle. I looked up this location and that plaza is still a winner because of Leela’s Roti & Doubles, one of the best West Indian restaurants in Mississauga.

    1. Reggie says:

      Yes this is in the plaza with Leela’s. I wonder if Hey Noodle is still in business.
      Where did you move to? If you’re in Kitchener, Pho Do Bau is located on King St, and I heard it was really good.

      1. doesitblog says:

        Thanks, I am in the Hamilton area these days.
        I’m doing my own cooking mostly just to stay out of harm’s way.

      2. Reggie says:

        True, I don’t go out to eat very much anymore because of Covid. BUT… There’s a new sushi take out at Confederation and Central Parkway called YO Sushi! You’re missing out!

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