Nian She – A Taiwanese Fried Chicken Restaurant

Nian She… What a nice place! We noticed this place the other day at Creditview and Burnhamthorpe while trying out a new congee restaurant. The couple of times we passed Nian She I always peeked in to see what this restaurant was all about – they had colourful posters of fried chicken dishes on their windows.

We arrived at Nian She at approximately 10pm after picking up my daughter from work. We were so glad they open late since most places close at 10pm. There were a few customers inside and the restaurant was really peaceful (which I really liked).

My first impression walking thru the door of Nian She was – WHAT A NICE PLACE! It’s so nicely decorated with quality furniture and accessories. Thought was even given to the dishes and cutlery and glasses. They actually did not skimp on using real serving items!

We were given a nice looking menu to peruse and order from. Nian She’s main focus is fried chicken, offering an assortment of dishes with different spices, and a selection of popcorn chicken, etc. They also offered other deep fried items such as takoyaki, lobster balls and meat skewers (very nice). Also on the menu was a variety of nice looking rice dishes. Every dish served purple rice.It was really tough trying to decide what to order. Here is what I ordered:

Their chicken is REALLY GOOD. Very crispy, tender and it does have flavour. This one is called Crispy Chicken Thigh with Honey Mustard and Ketchup. Yup, tastes like comfort food, yum!

I didn’t order chicken, I settled on scrambled egg and tomatoes on purple rice – my mom used to make this for us. I love cooked tomatoes and egg together. This dish was made fresh from scratch – all their meals are made fresh from scratch (not from frozen or from a package). They also seem to use very good quality ingredients.

From their huge selection of colourful and delicious looking drinks, I ordered the fresh watermelon juice with cream. The watermelon is fresh, not from a powder or syrup. The cream had a bit of saltiness which really blended well with the juice. My daughter ordered a chicken and rice dish and a papaya drink. I did not take pictures but the meal looked delicious. She said the outside batter had a nice light crunch. She made sure to eat everything off her plate despite being full because she wanted to enjoy the crispiness of the chicken while it was hot.Nian She also offered some nice asian desserts.

What this restaurant reminds me of is a higher quality version of Sugar Marmalade. Sugar Marmalade actually offers only quick, just passable quality food – its more of a hang out for young people, so quality seems secondary. And gets extremely busy. Nian She is an alternative for good service, nice ambience and good food. I’m eating here again this weekend so will post more pictures.

UPDATE APRIL 20, 2019:. Third time here in three weeks. Tonight was a huge letdown. We were the only customer but service was really bad. Once we were seated, the server basically ignored us. We had to keep getting his attention. Once we ate our main course we wanted to order dessert. We had to keep trying to get the server’s attention, and once we did he assumed we wanted the bill… When he brought the menu he quickly walked away even tho we knew which dessert we wanted.

One of the food items was also really bad – the tofu bowl was over salty and did not taste good.

We will give Nian She a rest for a month or so. Maybe we overdid it by going there so many times in two weeks.

Address:. Nian She – 4040 Creditview Rd, Mississauga, ON


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  1. A. EJE says:

    Unfortunate the last time was such a let down..I look forward to seeing your next restaurant review 😀

    1. Reggie says:

      Thanks for your comment. I have to agree with you about this place. I went back a few times more and it seems they succeed with only a few dishes.

      1. A. EJE says:

        That’s too bad. Good luck on your next restaurant adventure

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