PappaRoti – Square One Mississauga

I visited a new little eatery called PappaRoti in Square One. This little coffee shop is of South East Asian origin specializing in their ‘famous’ coffee bun, and has numerous locations around the globe and a few in British Columbia.

PappaRoti is located on the lower level of the mall really close to The Bay. The decor is beautiful, elegant and of high quality. When I first saw PappaRoti from a distance I was excited thinking it would be an English Tea Shop. Too bad!

The ordering and service style is casual and doesn’t fit the high level decor. Customers order at the counter and a server will bring the food to your table. The menu board uses very tiny print that it’s difficult to read. The cashier needed to describe the items to me.

We ordered the original coffee bun that has caramel, and some type of flat bread that resembled pizza with a beef topping and other garnishment, and two Karak teas.

I was sceptical of the coffee bun thinking it would be too sweet. The cook brought it out hot on a wooden board, it smelled delicious… And it was! It wasn’t too sweet at all and had a buttery flavour. It was puffy from the heat but deflated when we cut into it

I really can’t remember the name of this pizza type bread. It came out not looking too appetizing, the meat looked like some sort of pate…. or sh*i. The dough and whole flavour was kind of bland, the bread a bit too mushy..

The Karak Milk Tea reminded me of Hong Kong Tea and Chai at the same time (condensed milk, cardomom and ginger for that extra spice). It was good quality.

We also asked for glasses of water with our meal… They never brought it out to us.

PappaRoti – Square One, Mississauga, ON


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