Kage Restobar

When I heard about Kage Restobar, a modern Asian fusion restaurant open up in a not so great area of Hurontario and Dundas, I got really excited. And I was dying to try it out for a couple of months now. This restaurant is showing so many great feedback on Google… So finally, I went yesterday; here is my review!

Kage is in a corner of a plaza right across from Charlies. My first thought when we walked in was it was beautiful! The tiny restaurant seemed out of place in this rundown area of Mississauga; maybe Kage will be the pioneer in turning this area around…

The server informed us of the small sized plates, although I was already aware this resto serves tapas style items. She pointed a few things on the menu that would be more filling… The prices were high, but I still want to try out the food… At least once, right? So we ordered four plates from the menu.

She wasn’t kidding, when she said the plates were small! I didn’t realize they would be THIS small!

The first was a Tataki de Carne plate. $12 (I think)… Only five really thin pieces… It was very good tho, a nice zesty sauce and high quality beef, with some crispy lotus root garnish.

(Sorry, Picture quality was bad because the place was so dark… This honestly tasted good).

Taradito de Salmon – $14. This was sashimi with a spicy white sauce, and pickled jalapenos. This was great too but only five pieces.

Next, Pork Belly sandwich called Carne de Cerdo Ahumada on some sort of very soft bun. $17! This serving was decent for the expensive price. The pork was nice and tender and there was alot of sauce, and topped with a coleslaw. The bread was so soft it got soggy quicky and fell apart. The sandwich was a bit hard to hold.

Finally, a small dish of Yuka Fries ($7!). There was only about ten pieces and I wasn’t crazy about the aioli sauce (my daughter liked it).

Prices were too high. Even though Kage serves tapas sized dishes, I felt the servings were maybe a bit too small compared to the prices charged; it would be more reasonable if prices were lowered a few dollars per item.

Service was great; the server was asking us a lot of questions about how we found out about the place, etc. I guess they need the feedback in order to improve.

I feel Kage would be more at home in the Port Credit area… But again, it’s great to have something new and exciting in an area that is kind of backwards…. But I don’t think I will be visiting again, despite the service and food being awesome … It’s just too expensive. Our total price was $60! And we were basically the only customers.

Address:. Kage Restobar – 3038 Hurontario St #9, Mississauga, ON L5B 3B9


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