Mr. Gao Skewerhouse

Mr. Gao Skewerhouse is right next door to Nuri Village. I have been eyeing Mr. Gao for the longest time trying to decide if we should pop in or not. We always said ‘next time’. Well, finally we made it! BTW, Mr. Gao is a casual Chinese resto.

We entered the restaurant and was immediately greeted by a friendly server who let us sit where we wanted. All the servers working there were male and all were friendly and efficient.

The menu was pretty large that we spent a bit of time just reading thru it and trying to decide what we wanted. There were alot of clay pot soups, many spicy dishes, alot of lamb dishes are on the menu, and of course as their namesake – a variety of skewers. The prices were pretty good too.

Here is what we ordered:

Two skewers of chicken gizzards and two skewers of chicken hearts. The gizzards were too hard and chewy, almost like cartilage. The seasoning seemed to have a hint of curry. The chicken hearts were much better – softer, better seasoned and better flavoured.

The next dish is beef brisket and rice combo. The price was good at $9.99. I thought it was bland tasting and needed to add some hot sauce. The only type of hot sauce that was provided on request was Sriracha… BTW, I noticed alot of restaurants no longer place condiments on the table, you need to ask for it.

The final dish was the lamb and rice noodle in claypot. When I ordered it, I thought the dish would be dry, but it’s actually a noodle soup. Lots of meat in this dish, and also alot of bones. The soup had a tangy flavour, the noodles looked like spaghetti (but wasn’t) and had a nice texture. I added a nice dose of Sriracha into the soup.

So the total we paid before tip was $30, which wasn’t bad and the food was decent, tasted clean and home made. There were a few things on the menu that caught our eye so we will be coming back next week to try Mr. Gao again.

Address:. Mr. Gao Skewerhouse, 1170 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W.


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