YUN – Rice Noodle Soup in Mississauga

YUN is in the Grand Park plaza where a sushi restaurant used to be. We were hungry after coming back home tonight and were originally going to stop by the Kelsey’s in the same plaza. But decided to stop by YUN. It’s been here since late summer, but we are only trying it now. YUN serves noodles hot pot style!

Walking into the restaurant I was quite impressed – the decor and atmosphere was very nice, dark grey and dark woods and exotic birds. It almost had a mystical feel to the place.

We looked at the menu to decide how we wanted to order. Either we could share a hotpot for over $35, or we can get our own individual bowl for $11+. We decided each to order our own bowls. I ordered the YUN original for $11 and added lamb for another $2.75. my daughter ordered the spicy broth for $12 plus added lamb. Our individual soups came with an assortment of sides to throw into the soup broth.

The presentation of our soups was quite impressive. First the sides came in a square tray with multiple compartments to hold all the sides. There was also quail egg, which I love. Plus spam and corn, fish cake, etc. The rice noodles came in a separate dish. BTW, the rice noodles are refillable. The soup came in a mini bubbling calderon, it was so neat. And of course we had our oversized wooden ladle.

I just threw everything in at once. The bubbling soup was so hot it cooked the lamb as soon as it hit the water. I added a few drops of hot sauce to give my broth a bit more kick. My daughter spicy soup was a tomato base so had the spice plus a bit of different flavour – it was quite nice. She also still added a few drops of hot sauce to her already spicy soup.

We really enjoyed our noodle soups and eating at YUN. It’s a great alternative if you get tired of eating pho (which I am). The only downside of YUN is they only accept cash, which was almost a disaster for me since I don’t carry any cash on me. Lucky my daughter had just enough to cover our bill. PHEW!

Update:. October 14, 2018 – I stopped going to YUN shortly after my initial visits. The reason was the server demanded that I leave my $10 change as tip… This was for a $20 meal…

YUN:. 3960 Grand Park Drive, Mississauga, ON


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  1. doesitblog says:

    I showed up at YUN at 7:30PM today and it was packed! Not even one table was free. I’ll try another day…

    1. Reggie says:

      I went today at 430pm and no one was there.

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