Best Sushi in Mississauga 2017

I know I already raved about Dine and Chill (in the Sussex Building across from Square One) in the post below, but I really need to enlighten my fellow Mississauganites that this place has the BEST SUSHI! It’s so high quality, I can’t believe how inexpensive the prices are for this quality of fish.

Dine and Chill isn’t fully up and running yet, they are still in their soft opening and experimenting with their menu.

Here are some photos of the amazing sushi offerings I’ve had at Dine and Chill… Just look at the variety of high quality fish they serve, not just the typical salmon and tuna. I heard they have imported fish from Japan!  The wasabi is also imported.

Chirashi $15!

Aburi Sushi $21!

Ma Dai (Japan imported) $8 (so good!)

Sushi Lunch Plate $14!

Hotate Shiitake $25  (so good!)


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