Dine and Chill

First things first – There is a website called ‘yoursauga’ stealing my photos for their own articles and I don’t appreciate that.  At least ask for permission or give credit to me.  Not very nice!

There is a brand new Asian fusion restaurant called Dine and Chill, located across from Square One where Springs Rolls used to be. The restaurant soft opening started this week and I happened to hear about it from word of mouth. I heard the concept of Dine and Chill is restaurant and lounge. I decided to try it out this Saturday afternoon.
First, I have never eaten at the old Springs Rolls before so I was a bit confused about parking in the area. There is a paid parking lot across the street, however Dine and Chill provides free parking under the building.

The restaurant felt new and spacious and airy as I entered the doors at 11AM. I was the first customer of the day. Lounges were set up at the front of the restaurant. The restaurant is quite large with dining tables set up at the rest of the restaurant. Two young smiling girls greeted me.

One very nice girl brought me to my table and explained the menu to me. Although the restaurant just soft-opened, the server made great suggestions of what to order, such and sushi and mocktails. My order consisted of a Watermelon drink, and lunch size Nigiri plate, plus I added a cucumber salad.

First the cucumber salad at $7.95 came out. To be honest I don’t think I will order this again as it was nothing special. I believe the dressing consisted of sesame oil and chopped garlic and vinegar. The dressing could use more zing. More sweetness and vinegar needed. The cucumber was still refreshing, and I’m not especially fond of the mushrooms.

My Watermelon drink came shortly after. Made of real Watermelon and very refreshing. Loved it. (SORRY, I forgot to take a picture.  My drink was pink tho).

The Nigiri sushi was great! Very fresh and a nice variety of fish. I’m not a fan of tuna but the tuna roll tasted great. The fish was melt in your mouth soft. This dish was $14 or $15.

Service again was very good and attentive and my server was very nice. Now I need to try Dine and Chill for dinner (I saw lamb shank on the menu).

I love trying new restaurants especially when it’s a soft opening and they are still experimenting with the menu. I can’t wait til Dine and Chill opens fully so I can try their full menu.

Address: Dine and Chill, 90 Burnhamthorpe Rd W. Mississauga, ON



2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey your back! Seems like a pretty good place i will give it a try!


    • Sorry, I’ve been absent too long. Have to start writing again.. anyway, Dine and Chill was very good, has a great vibe. Hope it does well.


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