wp-image-1400201334jpg.jpgL.A. Boil Seafood just opened in Mississauga.  Yay, a seafood boil in Mississauga!  We decided to try it out. We thought it was pretty good and a fun experience, and there is a 10% discount which made it even better.

IMG_20160713_183857Apparently, L.A. Boil Seafood is expanding with a few locations throughout GTA and Ontario.  The one we went to is located where Ben Thanh used to be.  Another Mississauga location will be at 888 Dundas West, in the Chinese centre.

IMG_20160713_185546The ordering system is thru the IPAD.  I thought it wasn’t necessary as it would be easier just to check off on a piece of paper.  The menu offered a nice selection of appetizers and sides and of course seafood.  Their appetizers also included soft shell crab, clam chowder, Cajun fries (yum), sweet potato fries, chicken nuggets, etc.  There is also an AYCE salad bar for $3.99.  Anyhow, I’ll tell you what we ordered and let you know if we thought it was good or not.

IMG_20160713_185621First we started with the $3.99 salad bar.  I would say to skip this because the salad bar is really small (you can only eat so much lettuce), and the potato and pasta salad didn’t taste very good.  We only ate once from the salad bar.  So no.  Skip this and just order extra hot appetizers.

IMG_20160713_190257We ordered a Cajun fries.  I’m glad we only ordered one serving since we weren’t sure how large the portion would be.  It was a good size for the three of us to munch on until our seafood arrived.  Maybe they use McCains fries?  It still tasted good!

Before our seafood arrived, the waitress brought us bibs and plastic gloves so we can eat and enjoy as messily as we want.  They served our saucy seafood in plastic bags and metal buckets.

IMG_20160713_192841My sister ordered 1lb Snow Crab Legs, with a side of steam rice, lotus root and corn on the cob.  She chose mild garlic butter sauce on the side.  The snow crab legs were huge, I didn’t expect she would receive so much snow crab legs.  Even though she asked for the sauce on the side, I thought the crab legs were salty.  She really enjoyed it.  Who doesn’t enjoy seafood??!!

IMG_20160713_192336My daughter and I shared 2lb Dungeness Crab, with a side of potato, corn on the cob, and sausages.  We asked for mild garlic butter sauce, but I think they gave us spicy Cajun sauce instead? Our dungeness crab was less salty than the snow crab legs, but then again, our crab was soaked in the spicy Cajun sauce.  I really liked the corn that was soaked in the sauce because it really worked in the flavor.  The corn was tender and so good.  Next time will order extra corn.  We also had potato which was a decent side, and also sausage which I’ll skip next time.  We ended up not touching the sausage.

Although the corn tasted great drenched and cooked in the sauce, I thought the sauce was very strong and lots of garlic, too much in fact.  I had garlic breath even the next morning.  The garlic butter sauce was overpowering as well.  It would be better to just have the sauce on the side and then you can dip your food into it.

Overall, I thought L.A. Boil Seafood was a fun experience, and again I love seafood.  We paid $95 including the discount and tip, which I thought was pretty decent price.  Compare this to eating at a different seafood restaurant and you would most likely end up paying more.  I want to go again.

Address:  L.A. Boil Seafood – 2661 Dundas Street West, Mississauga, ON






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  1. Hey,a retired cajun chef…not retired but re-purposed after a stroke that left my hands somewhat useless..so I am now differently abled..
    But all in all I have been pretty disappointed in most of the cajun themed food in the area.
    I love cajun food..cooked offshore for many years in the Louisiana,Mississippi and Texas area where the food originated..mostly Louisiana.
    But I have heard about the restaurant, and may check it out with your review.
    I am starting an SEO service that focuses allot on the food-service industry,I appreciate your blog.
    That is the one that I am building..has a long way to go..but bit by bit I am building it.

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