Voy Jamaican Restaurant – Port Credit, Mississauga


We went to Voy Jamaican Restaurant on the Lakeshore last night. It’s a fairly new restaurant basically next door to Dunk’n Dip. It’s nice to have food variety in Port Credit.

There’s a quaint outdoor patio just at the front of Voy. The patio was surrounded by some bushy plants, and there is a wooden deck built around it, offering some privacy and seclusion, which is nice to be not so exposed to the road. Entering into Voy Jamaican Restaurant has a pub-like casual atmosphere. I believe Voy is trying to provide nicer atmosphere than the usual casual, no nonsense vibe.

We were the only customers at 5:00 pm, although we saw a couple of people passing thru; maybe they are friends. I wonder if Voy gets busy on weekends or later in the evening?

We ordered the specials listed on the board: Fish Cakes with Corn Salsa, Curry Shrimp, and Stew Chicken.

Fish Cakes with Corn Salsa

We shared the Fish Cakes as an appetizer – This was really nice – I didn’t ask what type of fish was used, I wonder if its cod. It seemed fresh to me. There was a cold and spicy tomato based corn salsa overtop the fish cakes. Maybe if the salsa was room temperature (or not so cold) would be better, since the fish cakes were warm.

Stew Chicken

This was a big plate of soft, falling of the bone chicken. There were a lot of bones so be careful. Accompanying this was a sweet cole slaw that had mango bits, and was so nice. There was also rice and peas (I did not taste this) and veggies.

Curry Shrimp

I’m not sure what Jamaican-style Curry Shrimp is supposed to be like, but the curry here was rich and had a creamy coconut base. I found the overall flavor was heavy and strong. There was a lot of nice-sized shrimp that had a saltiness to it. So there was a myriad of flavours with this dish – salty, mild, heat, curry, coconut. My dish was also accompanied with sweet cole slaw, plain rice, and veggies. I’m not sure that I would order this dish again.

Service was super friendly here and we’ll be coming back to try their poutine and roti.

Also, I want to add that I’m not able to rate it against other Jamaican restaurants because I don’t visit too often (although, I enjoyed Voy and it is MUCH better than Island Palace on Dundas and Dixie).

Address: Voy Jamaican Restaurant, 231 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON


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