Kravingz – Delicious Breakfast in Mississauga


My daughter and I went for breakfast at Kravingz in the Clarkson area of Mississauga. I believe Kravingz is fairly new and I read some reviews about them, so I had to try it out.


Kravingz is a cute little bistro-type restaurant with a cool, breezy, theme with an island vibe. The calm and soothing décor reminds me of being on vacation. In fact, it reminds me of being in Santorini, Greece relaxing at a café overlooking the caldera! Even the outside appearance is really cute with the white awning. This type of restaurant would do well in Toronto. So lucky us that the owners of Kravingz decided to set up in Mississauga.

We got there around 9 am and we were the only ones there (which I enjoyed the calmness before it started getting busier). The staff were really easy going and we felt relaxed and not rushed.

We ordered The Islander and Chilaquiles Rancheros

Chilaquiles Rancheros

My daughter is on a healthy vegan kick, so she ordered a Mexican-based selection, which was almost perfect for her. The Chilaquiles Rancheros – Classic Mexican breakfast on a tortilla with red and green salsa, poached eggs, blackbeans and home fries on the side.
It looked nice, was delicious, and well-made. The sauce was mild but had a subtle kick to it, and tasted great with the home fries dipped into it.

The Islander

I ordered the Islander –Jerk corned beef hash, corn and cheddar grits and poached eggs.

A modified breakfast version of Jamaican food. Again, very nicely presented and well made. The size appeared small, but trust me, it was filling. This dish also had a kick to it, so for those who can’t eat spicy first thing in the morning, you may want to stay away from this. It wasn’t spicy-spicy, but the zing is there. I really enjoyed my meal.

Service was great. The waitresses were easygoing and nice. The cook even came out to let us know our meal was on the way because he was concerned we were waiting too long. We didn’t wait long at all for our meals, and in fact, we didn’t mind just sitting and relaxing.

1710 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON


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