Fionn MacCool’s – Not Bad For A Chain Restaurant


I seem to find the Fionn MacCool’s Restaurant Pub pretty decent for a chain restaurant.  We usually go to the Southdown location, but today we tried the Heartland location since we were in the area and I was starving.   

We chose to sit inside instead of the outdoor patio.  The interior of Fionn MacCool’s at Heartland is very dark, much darker than the Southdown location;  I didn’t like it so dark.  And then with the glare from the outside was blinding.  And the music was quite loud… But I guess you would expect that at a pub. 

Our server came promptly and took our orders.


We started with the Beet Hummus appetizer, which was quite unique and a good size for two people.  I loved the dried beet chips which I thought were one of a kind.  I’m going to have to try and make beet chips at home!  The amount of Hummus was more then plentiful.  Also included were naan and regular chips.   The naan would’ve been great with just butter. This appetizer was quite tasty and not badly priced at $9.


For my main course I had the Meatloaf Sandwich with a small Caesar Salad instead of fries.  I know my photo doesn’t do it justice, but my Meatloaf Sandwich was huge; there were two slices of meatloaf stacked ontop of each other. I had to eat the sandwich with a knife and fork because there was no way I could get it in my mouth.  I wasn’t crazy about the toppings on it – cheese, carmalized onions, BBQ sauce.  I would’ve been fine with just gravy or eaten it plain.  Wow, this was so filling I couldn’t even finish my burger. I think the price was around $15.

The service at Fionn MacCool’s, Heartland was great.  Our server was very polite, professional, prompt and non-intrusive.  He seemed to appear at the right moment when we needed drink refills and when our dishes needed to be cleared.  In fact, the service at the other Fionn MacCool’s has also been above average as well.

Address:  Fionn MacCool’s, 825 Britannia Rd. West, Mississauga, ON


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