My Roast Beef Sandwich from Pusateri’s


This really isn’t a review, but I thought I’d share a photo of my Roast Beef Sandwich purchased at Pusateri’s Sherway Gardens.

This sandwich is sold by the inch, specifically $2.99 per inch.  The roast beef sandwich is one huge long sandwich displayed in the showcase, and when the customer requests the roast beef sandwich, the server will ask ‘how many inches’ you would like and then take the whole thing out of the display and cut your portion. 


When I purchased my sandwich close to dinner time, there was probably less than 20 inches left of the sandwich.  Not really quite sure how much will make me full, I purchased 3 inches of sandwich.  3 inches was more than plentiful because there was a massive chunk of roast beef that makes up the sandwich (unlike many sandwich places that only give you about two thin slices of meat). I could only eat half my sandwich because it was so filling.  I brought the rest home and ate the leftover for dinner the next day. This roast beef is even real roast beef. And you can actually taste the natural flavours of the meat instead of it being doused with mayonnaise or mustard, etc.

The size of the whole roast beef sandwich was unreal – I’ll have to take a picture of it next time I’m at Pusateri’s.

Address:  Pusateri’s – Inside Saks Fifth Avenue, Sherway Gardens


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