Corner by Spoon & Fork


Corner by Spoon & Fork opened a couple of weeks ago, and I happened to find it by driving home along Dundas E.  It’s just west of Dixie Road.  What a great concept in a not very appealing area of Mississauga!


Corner is from the same company as Spoon & Fork.  Except this concept is a quick, low cost eatery where customers serve themselves.  Sort’ve fast food, but better.  It’s a great place for people dining alone who want to be somewhere better than a fast food joint.


The inside of Corner is spacious, beautiful and very serene. I’ve visited twice already and I love the relaxing, quiet atmosphere here.  I could just sit here all day!



The eatery describes itself as Asian fusion, but it’s much more; serving pasta dishes, sandwiches, make your own Asian bowls, Sushi, and even breakfast…at very affordable prices!  I’ll be sure to drop by and try their breakfast next weekend. 


So, I stopped by twice in a row because I wanted to try a few things on their menu board to get an idea of the Asian dishes and an idea of the quality of the non-Asian dishes.  Also, because as mentioned above I find it very serene and enjoyable just being here.



The first day I ordered the Mum Bowl where I basically create my own meal.  I chose pad Thai noodles, lemon chicken, four veggies (broccoli, pumpkin, corn, green beans), and I added pad Thai sauce, plus some garnishes.  I added a small mango salad on the side.  To be honest, my concoction didn’t taste good.  It was flavourless (not enough sauce), and I shouldn’t have added the pumpkin as it was too mushy.  Too much mish mash of different stuff. My self-made bowl was a fail.  The mango salad was a winner though – generous serving, fresh, nice punchy dressing.


I came back today to try the non-asian food and ordered the Spaghetti Bolognese with garlic bread.  Thank goodness I didn’t order a side salad because the serving was plentiful.  The sauce is made in-house and is loaded with meat. I would have to say the taste of the spaghetti meal was decent.  I found the sauce a little on the sweet side, but I can’t complain as the price was very good at only $8.99.


My $7.49 Eggs Benedict breakfast with free coffee! (Wasn’t crazy about the parsley flakes sprinkled ontop of the hash)

One has to remember the meals offered at Corner by Spoon & Fork is not of high end.  Based on the price point average of $8.99 per meal, it caters to those on a budget or for those in for a quick bite.  It’s only an eatery.  But I have to say the value is very good and I love the whole concept of what Spoon & Fork has created at the other end of the dining spectrum.

August 6, 2016

My $7.49 brekky includes coffee…. Sausage is nice and crispy.  I asked for no parsley flakes so I’m very happy with my meal!

My salmon poki bowl.. yum yum!

Address:  Corner by Spoon & Fork – 1225 Dundas St. E. Mississauga

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