Barnsteiner’s – A Winterlicious Experience in Downtown Toronto

I’m late to the Winterlicious game.  My excuse is I don’t go into downtown much anymore and I work in Mississauga, so not enough time.  I finally experienced it for the first time this year at Barnsteiner’s.
Barnsteiner’s is located at Yonge and St Clair, just outside the subway station.  I heard good things about the owners, that they previously owned Corner House, a very popular restaurant.  Barnsteiner’s offers an excellent quality selection of Canadian cuisine. 
The Winterlicious lunch menu offered is select choices from the regular main menu.  I had the Barn Caesar Salad, Crackling Cornish Hen, and Orange Spiced Warm Chocolate Cake for $23.
Barn Caesar Salad was crisp and fresh and not a bad portion for Winterlicious.  The portion looks deceiving because the salad bowl is deep. There were no bacon bits, which would’ve been nice, the dressing had a citrus-y, inviting cool taste, and I liked the amount of parmesan sprinkled ontop of the romaine lettuce.
Crackling Cornish Hen.  Okay, I was expecting a whole Cornish hen when I saw this on the menu.  I guess for the price and that it’s lunch, I shouldn’t have been surprised by the half portion. There were some greens under the chicken and slices of apple. I could’ve done without the apple because it gave the sauce a sweet taste, which I’m not too fond of in meat.  I prefer my meat dishes savoury or spicy.  A smaller plate would have been better because this huge plate just made my lunch look so small.  On the whole, I still really liked my Cornish hen.
Orange Spiced Chocolate Cake.  We sat right next to the kitchen, in particular, right next to the Dessert chef and saw him preparing our cake from scratch. It was served to me warm.  I couldn’t quite taste the orange spice, which was perfectly fine.  This delicious cake hit the perfect spot after my entree of Cornish hen.
I took a picture of someone’s Venison Stew.  It looks delicious.  I don’t know what those white noodle things ontop of the stew are…

Service at Barnsteiner’s was exceptional despite the fact that we were only eating from the Winterlicious menu.  I’ve heard that many establishments treat Winterlicious guests as second-rate… not here!  I’ll definitely be going back again because I left with a very good impression of the restaurant.

(First image borrowed from Barnsteiners website).

Address:  Barnsteiner’s – 1 Balmoral Avenue, Toronto, ON


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