Flip A Coin Restaurant – Asian Tapas


Flip A Coin Restaurant offering Asian Tapas is another new restaurant in the Port Credit area, located in the lower level of a building (where Sassys Teas used to be).  According to the owners, they opened their doors just last month.

This is only my opinion based on my first impression here last night.  I’m going to rate Flip A Coin out of five based on food quality, ambience, and customer service.  Lets start with my usual order of review:

wp-1455748421210.jpgAmbience – 0 out of 5
I was quite disappointed. The restaurant website and some Mississauga online blog gave the impression that Flip A Coin would be one trendy, up and coming place.  We entered the empty unit and it reminded me of walking into someones empty basement – as if the owners were still setting up.  There was no warmth and very sterile.  The floor was barren and dirty. The chairs were all mis-matching.  They at least had some nice pictures on the wall.

wp-1455748400840.jpgFood Quality – 2 out of 5
The reason I’m giving the food a 2 rating is because effort was put in plating the food, as well as trying to make the menu unique and experimenting with new creations.  The menu was very small and I felt there wasn’t enough choices. Some items were very expensive such as the Mini Flip Slider for $8 (you only get one mini slider). The food was very bland and the flavours did not mesh together at all. We would not order these items again.  I’m wondering if we came at a bad time because the Yelp Reviews rave about the food.

wp-1455814420910.jpgSangria Mocktail and Milk Tea With Chia Seeds
Beverages were expensive at just under $4 each.  I originally ordered the Milk Tea with Tapioca, but they were out of tapioca.  So I substituted with a mock sangria.  It was just warm juice with a bitter bite to it.  Plus two thinly sliced apples as garnish. I should’ve stuck to tap water.  The Chia Seeds drink was decent, but just warm not hot.  Had a decent subtle flavour that wasn’t too sweet.

wp-1455748385409.jpgKick Ass Poutine
This was sweet potato with cheese and Flip A Coin’s own Asian gravy.  It was a nice attempt, but the flavours did not taste good.  I’m not sure what kind of cheese was used. I’m glad we didn’t add the pulled pork for $1.  That would really be a hodge podge of different flavours.

wp-1455748375455.jpgChicken on Fire
This chicken dish reminded me of chili chicken.  There was a lot of chili heat and very little flavour.  2/5 because it presented nicely.

wp-1455748324676.jpgUmami Fried Rice
This actually looks really cute – it sort’ve looks like an angry bird.  Its brown fried rice with a fried quail egg, and shavings of crispy taro.  The rice was a bit hard and again, no flavour.  Did not eat it.

wp-1455748339479.jpgTang Cu Pork Ribs
This plate of ribs was quite… different…  The meat was a strange texture, dry, mostly bone. I’m pretty sure the sauce is the restaurant’s own secret recipe, it was very thick and opaque… I’ve never tasted anything like it.

Customer Service – 3/5
I’m giving the girl who served us a 5 because she was very nice, and was waitressing and I’m sure cooking, and sweeping the outside entrance and doing the cleaning.  The rest of the staff (owners?) were sitting around chatting – maybe they were having a meeting, but it did not look good to me – an outside observer who can only see one girl running around, despite the fact that we were the only customers.  That’s where the points are deducted.

Our total cost with tip and tax – $45….

So, basically Flip A Coin SUCKS. I am not sure if we went at a bad time.  Again, the Yelp reviews were great. Hmmm.. And a widely read online blog also boasted about this place.  Maybe someone else will have better luck than we did, and if so, please let me know how Flip A Coin was for you..

Address:  Flip A Coin Restaurant – 141 Lakeshore Rd W., Mississauga, ON


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