Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge – aka ‘Chocolate Heaven’

Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge – Thanks to an RFD forum member who made me aware of this sweet spot last night, I quickly dragged my daughter to chocolate heaven in Port Credit.
Dunk’n Dip IS all that!  I love it!  Paris Hilton would love this place.  The decor is all red and pink and stuffed animals, and sweets and candy.  What do you call it – a fantasy?
Every attention to detail was not forgotten – from the leather cutlery holders, to the marshmallow table legs, the zebra glass tabletop, to the black and white print wallpaper, to the eclectic chairs, to the candied ceiling lamps …. I could go on.  I also heard the washrooms were just as detailed (and I didn’t get a chance to pay it a visit).
Now onto the desserts.  This place is not for those on a budget, but who cares! This is how a dessert place should be like. Dunk’n Dip is amazing and delicious and decadent. There was so many chocolate offerings it was hard to decide what to order.
We chose the Surprise Me to share – this consisted of three crepes with filling selected by the chocolate chef (fresh strawberry and apple, eclair pastry and filling, and a decadent brownie). Complimenting the crepes was a shot of dark Belgian chocolate sauce and a shot of milk Belgian chocolate sauce.  If that wasn’t enough, we added a ‘small’ scoop of hazelnut gelato, which was not small at all. And when we poured our chocolate sauce on the gelato, it hardened like Magic Shell.  Good thing we shared because the dessert was huge, we could barely finish it.  And even though I didn’t have anymore room in my stomach, I drank my milk chocolate sauce.
I think Dunk’n Dip was still prolonging the Valentine’s Day weekend because we received free macaroons in cute little gift boxes.

Our one dessert plus two coffees totalled approximately $32.

Other decadent offerings on the menu include cakes, cookies, fondues, waffle sandwiches, food items, and breakfast.
(Sorry for the weird image configurations. WordPress did something and now it seems some of my photos are overly large).

Address:  Dunk’n Dip Resto & Chocolate Lounge – 241 Lakeshore Rd E. Mississauga, ON


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