Marco Polo Restobar …New!

There’s a new restaurant in town called Marco Polo Restobar, located on Lakeshore and Southdown Road.  Marco Polo is in a great area, but at the same time in an odd old, lone, obscure structure. Beside it is a lone Mediterranean restaurant.
The outside of the old dated house is quite deceiving, as the interior of MP is quite nice.  Inside is an open spaced, cozy dining room. The atmosphere is intimate and not overwhelming.  I thought it was a bit too dim inside tho, and I felt a cold draft where we sat.

The menu offered is not large, but it offered a bit of this and that and there were a few interesting items, so there’s something to please everyone. I’m noticing mac and cheese being offered at more and more places.  I ordered the 8 Hour Short Ribs and my daughter ordered the Mother Clucker.  Both of these were Marco Polo specialties.


8 Hour Short Ribs
I was pleasantly surprised when the plate was placed in front of me.  I had a whole different image of what the short ribs meal would be like (think of thinly sliced Korean short ribs).  My 8 hr short rib was one thick piece of bone with tender braised meat falling off. (I thought they had mistaken and given me a lamb shank instead). A generous serving of cheesy mashed potatoes accompanied the meat.  And then a delicious amount of gravy was drizzled on top of the meal.  There were some points of saltiness throughout the gravy, but when blended together with the meat and potatoes, it was fine. There were some nice grilled veggies on the side (zucchini, red pepper, eggplant). This meal was a very generous size and very filling, hearty, especially with the cheese in the potatoes adding a heavier texture.  It was well worth the price of $25, and I would order this again.

Mother Clucker
What a fun name for a chicken sandwich. My daughter ordered this.  It’s a nicely light, crispy chicken garnished with mustard aioli, Gouda, bacon and lettuce on a sesame bun.  Accompanied by a small Marco Polo salad and fries.  The chicken was very crunchy on the outside and soft and meaty on the inside.  I liked the bacon added to it to add a different crunch and flavour.  And also the aioli is always a nice touch.  I wasn’t crazy about the cold lettuce on a hot sandwich (maybe grilled peppers or mushrooms instead?). Maybe a different type of bun might be better – a plain sesame bun seems to bring the quality down a notch, plus it got a bit soggy and fell apart.  My daughter enjoyed the salad for the most part. She complimented that the dried apricots were very fresh and was wondering if they were preserved in-house. She tasted what she described as cinnamon spice in the salad which she found not too pleasant.  She also said the fries seemed stale and cooked too long.  On the whole, she enjoyed the Mother Clucker for $14, but would’ve improved on the salad and fries.

Our meals at Marco Polo Restobar were on par to delicious comfort food rather than upscale or trendy.  We enjoyed what we ordered and the prices were reasonable.  The owner and other staff were very friendly and seemed proud of their new establishment.  Good luck, I think this place has so much to offer the Mississauga community. We will be back to try some other items on the menu

P.S. I tried posting a review on Yelp, but they filtered my review as Not Recommended. I guess they think I’m a fake customer…:/

Address:  Marco Polo Restobar – 1971 Lakeshore Rd W, Mississauga, ON


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