Izakaya Ju Japanese Restaurant – In Markham


I’m venturing out of my home territory and will write about an unknown secret to the folks in my neck of the woods… Izakaya Ju, located in J-Town, Markham.

First, I’ll tell you a bit about J-Town; it is a small complex of Japanese businesses on Steeles and Victoria Park, Markham.  This building once housed a Town & Country Buffet.  When the buffet closed up, this complex had a few more change overs, including various Asian buffets.  Now this whole little segment has become a small community of Japanese businesses.  I love it, but I don’t come out this way too often because I live in the opposite end of town.

Izakaya Ju is purely authentic – it is a simple, non-flashy restaurant that serves up great Japanese food at fantastic prices.  This place is very popular, because right at 12pm as the doors opened, the tables filled right up. Its a hidden gem for us, but not for the folks who live in that part of the world.

I’ll just post up pictures of SOME dishes we ate, and you can decide if you want to pay this place a visit. Our meals came with miso soup and salad.

Chicken Knuckles (the elbows of the chicken leg) We received this as a FREE appetizer!  Strange to eat chicken bones and cartilage….


Yakitori Combo – $16 (Includes chicken thigh, chicken ball, chicken wing, chicken gizzard, chicken cartilage!)


Teba gyo-za (Chicken wings stuffed with some sort’ve pork filling. I thought there was too much onion in the filling.  The chicken skin was crispy, just the way I like it.)  I can’t remember the price.


Salmon & Ikura Gohan $17 (Salmon and Roe on Rice.  The portion looked small, but it filled me up and I could not finish it).


Sashimi Lunch $20 (Huge pieces of sashimi.  Well worth the price).


Yes, our lunch for four was a little expensive but definitely worth it.  Will be returning next week to eat the cafeteria lunch in the grocery store across from Izakaya Ju.  LOL!

Address:  Izakaya Ju Japanese Restaurant – 3160 Steeles Avenue East, Markham, ON



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