0109 Dessert & Chocolate – Scarborough


Yes, I’m writing about another eating place not in Mississauga… I am so jealous that everywhere east of where I live has all these great places to eat….  Here is another amazing place that I wish was here in Mississauga – 0109 Dessert & Chocolate, located in Scarborough.

This is actually my second time being at 0109 Dessert & Chocolate.  I really love this place because everything is made in-house with great quality ingredients, specifically they use Lindt Chocolate.  Their gelato is fantastic and all homemade.  I also love the quiet tranquil atmosphere of the place. This place is not cheap, but at the same time they are very reasonably priced considering the quality of their offerings.

Grass Jelly with Ice Cream and Fruit.  This was delicious!  The coconut ice cream is homemade and so refreshing.  I actually came back a second time and ordered the coconut ice cream again.  The fruit combo they used in this dessert looked so colourful and appetizing.  I like this Chinese dessert because it isn’t too sweet.  Its on the small side for the price $7.95.


Sweet Crepe – Strawberry & Banana with Lindt Chocolate Sauce and a side of Coconut Ice Cream.  This came with a base of Chocolate sauce (there were other choices, but I chose chocolate sauce), and then the fruits and ice cream were add-ons.  I selected coconut ice cream again because it tasted so refreshing the first time I had it.  Total $11.00.


Plus their hot beverages are very good quality too.  I have had their Honey Bush Tea and Café Latte.


0109 Dessert & Chocolate also offers a selection of homemade chocolates for sale.  They all look and taste heavenly, but are not inexpensive.  I have spent over $20 on two small bags of chocolates.


Address: 0109 Dessert & Chocolate – 2190 McNicoll Avenue, Scarborough, ON



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