Top 5 Mississauga Restaurants for 2014


This is my Top 5 Restaurant List for 2014.  I have visited all these restaurants multiple times this year:!


1.  Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant – Dundas Street East, Mississauga

We only discovered this place I think in the summer.  But we eat here ALL THE TIME, sometimes twice a week!  We come here to eat whenever my daughter comes home from school.  The people here are SO nice.  The food is SO delicious.  The selection of Viet and Thai is SO plentiful.  The prices are SO affordable!  And those are the reasons we are always here!  Its so hard to specify my favourite dish, we are always ordering something different at every visit.  I have ordered the Vietnamese Fried Rice with Beef a few times.  Maybe their dessert, Song Sew is my favourite – its a tall glass filled with grass jelly and other jellies.  We always order one after our meal.  Lac Vien is my TOP Restaurant choice for 2014!


2.  Apricot Tree – Dundas Street West, Mississauga


Did we first start eating here three years ago?  We still love it!  I have to admit there was a point last year or so where service seemed to decline…  But our most recent visits have been very satisfying.  Apricot Tree is a cute little hidden gem with original menu and everything is made in house.  We love everything about this little restaurant.  Right now there is a three-course special going on and which I took full advantage of.  Look at my meal here – Apricot Tree House Salad, Salmon With Veggies and Rice, and a delicious Apricot cake slice; Plus coffee included – $28!  Can’t get better value than this – freshly prepared, top quality food.  We come here once in a while just for dessert and coffee as well.


3.  K&B Sushi – Winston Park, Oakville

K&B Sushi borders Mississauga and Oakville.  We found this place by accident one day looking for a different place to eat (I can’t remember what we were looking for).  I will rate them the best AYCE Sushi in the west end!  K&B uses the Ipad for ordering, their selection is diverse and offers a lot of choice.  Their fish is mostly always fresh.  One time we came during the week and found the salmon to be not as fresh as usual, but always found the weekends when its busiest that they carry the freshest selection.  This doesn’t stop us from visiting though, we just wait til closer to Friday.  I love the little hargow offered on their menu.  Pop and tea is included in the price.  A discount is offered if you pay by cash. The one place for improvement is for a bigger dessert selection (similar to Matsuda)!


4. SUNSET GRILL – Dundas and Dixie

(no photo yet)

Sunset Grill is only a breakfast restaurant, and yes they are a chain.  We practically visited this place every weekend for a quick, no hassle breakfast.  We love their coffee!  Its basically bottomless because staff is always coming around to fill up our cups.  I think they offer it for purchase as well.  Their food is just good, but portions are huge.  Service is always great, friendly and we always see the same employees working there (which says a lot about how the owner treats the staff).  I know I never wrote a review about this place before because this is a chain, but Sunset Grill, Dundas location has made it into my Top 5 List!


5.  PANAGIOS ALL DAY GRILL – Britannia and Creditview

This restaurant was brought to my attention from a reader of my blog (and I’m sure an RFD member).  So, I only discovered it in the last few months of this year.  We’ve been to it three times now – once for dinner and twice for breakfast.  Their food is GREAT!  Great quality at a great price.  I’m going to say a majority of their offerings on their menu are home made.  Especially their burgers, their home fries, their delicious pancakes…. I could go on!  Last time we were there for breakfast I had the French toast with apples and cinnamon.  The bread was so thick and fresh…delicious!  Service can be a bit slow at times, if you’re not in a rush just sit back, relax and enjoy.  The one thing I would like to see some improvement on is their coffee; Sunset Grill has them beat in this area.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great choices! The only one i have not tried is Lac Vien. Its on the list! Thanks for mentioning I recommended it by the way ! What is RFD?

    1. Reggie says:

      Thank you. Lac Vien is so good, great quality food. I think you will enjoy it. RFD is RedFlagDeals, a Canadian deals forum where I mostly frequent the Food and Drink section.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh ok thanks. Happy 2015!

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