I Love Breakfast at PANAGIO’S


I already  blogged about Panagio’s a while ago. (See Here).  At that time we went there for dinner and I spoke highly about their food and restaurant.

This time I am going to rave about their breakfast.  We scoured the menu and everything looked delicious.  I was in the mood for regular eggs and sausage, but I always crave pancakes at the same time.  We saw the huge plates of food that were being brought out of the kitchen and I knew we would never be able to finish our plates of food.  So  what we did was order one Eggs Benedict and a side order of pancakes to share.

First I have to tell you their waffle and pancakes offerings looked so delicious.  They had all sorts of fruit waffles and chocolate waffles with whipped cream.  They had a selection of pancakes with chocolate chips and banana, and blueberries with whipped cream. I was having a hard time deciding what to order.  I knew if we even ordered the regular portion of waffles or pancakes we would never finish it.  Yes, we settle on just a side order of plain pancakes.

We were not disappointed though.  The pancakes tasted so good, I devoured it.  Does Panagio use homemade pancake batter because it tasted homemade.  I can tell that Sunset Grill’s pancakes are not homemade just from the texture of it (although Sunset Grill has better coffee).

Also the home fries from the Eggs Benedict were great.  We did not need to add salt or ketchup, we just dipped the fries into our eggs benny.

Here is a picture of our shared breakfast already divided up onto separate plates.  It looks small but the portion was perfect for us.


Address: Panagio’s All Day Grill – 6085 creditview road #17, Mississauga, ON



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  1. Kellie says:

    Hi Reggie,

    I’d like to invite you to come try Ontario’s newest premium casual dining experience at Browns Socialhouse! Vancouver-based Browns Socialhouse offers high-end pub food including west coast favourites such as their HCDC fries (hand cut, double cooked), hand pressed patties and fresh squeezed juice program.

    The restaurant is located at Unit 2B – 2525 Hampshire Gates, Oakville.

    1. Reggie says:

      Yes definitely Browns Social House is a must try for us. Ive heard about this restaurant so I hope to to check it out soon in the next week for so. Thanks!

      1. Kellie says:

        Great! I work on the PR team for Browns so let me know if there is anything I can provide for your review – more info, photos, etc. Thanks!

      2. Kellie says:

        Reggie – if you want to give me a heads up before you go into Browns, I can ensure you get to try a couple of dishes and speak to key staff members if you have any questions about the restaurant. My email is kellie@talkshopmedia.com. Thanks!

      3. Reggie says:

        No worries. I’ll just drop in one day for lunch or dinner.

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