Fish & Chips From Two Different Jack Astors

One would figure that exact menu items from chain restaurants would use the same recipe. I was wrong for making that assumption.

A few months ago, I ate fish and chips at Jack Astors near Sherway Gardens. During that time I was on a fish and chips binge and needed to get a fix almost everyday. The fish and chips I ordered at the Sherway Gardens location was huge but I didn’t particularly like the batter or breading on it. It was like a seasoned panko breading rather than traditional batter. I thought it was good though and the Yukon gold fries were exceptional (although a little salty). Below is a picture of the fish and chips from the Sherway location:


Just the other day I went to Jack Astors by Square One and ordered fish and chips. The portion was just as huge and the French fries of course delicious (tasted less salty as well). The fish was better. They battered it the traditional way, the flavouring was simple and good without any unnecessary seasoning. I preferred this fish and chips Square One version better. Below picture from Square One location. (Sorry, half eaten before I realized to take a photo). Don’t you think even the appearance of this fish and chips looks tastier as well? LOL!


BTW, fish and chips at Jack Astors is not the cheapest at $15.99, although the fish is pretty large. Its more economical to go to a fish and chips place to get a fix.

Jack Astors Website:


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