Stoney’s Bread Company – Etobicoke


After learning about Stoney’s Bread Company opening up in Etobicoke, we decided to pay them a visit last night. Stoney’s Bread Company has an original location in Oakville, which I’ve never been to either. I heard about this place on RFD.

Stoney’s is in a great location, right next to the Queensway Cineplex theatres – meaning this gives moviegoers another option besides the generic chain restaurants that are right next to them. In fact, Stoney’s took up the location of where That’s Greek used to be (this was an awesome restaurant, sad they have closed).


Stoney’s Bread Company website looks awesome and makes the eatery seem very good – simple, modern, high quality. And the actual eatery is reflected perfectly. For an eatery, their food is not cheap, but at the same time their food is well made, fresh ingredients and good quality.

I was a little disappointed though because I checked out the online menu a week ago which prompted my desire to visit their Etobicoke location. At the time I looked at the online menu, the company hadn’t modified their website to indicate there would be different menus for both Oakville and Etobicoke locations. Meaning what I saw on the online menu at the time had a nice choice of seafood offerings. When we arrived at the eatery yesterday, their offerings were scaled down.

We ended up ordering the Fettucine Chicken, Calabrese Pizza, and East Coast Clam Chowder.


Fettucine Chicken

Verdict – Great. The dish was not too cheesy or creamy, and still tasted great when the plate cooled off. (Usually I get annoyed with creamy pastas when they get cold). The noodles were al dente, there was lots of chicken, portabello mushrooms, spinach. The portion was great – even though my daughter and I split this dish, she would’ve ate the whole pasta plate on her own, it was that good (usually we are not able to finish a pasta plate). It came with a toasted bread slice, but we left it behind; it looked dry). I thought this dish was pricy – $18.


East Coast Clam Chowder

Verdict – Very Good. I believe this chowder is homemade. This soup had a red broth with chunks of potatoes and small pieces of baby clam. It tasted very healthy (although I think it can be a bit less sweet). The toast was too hard and dry, so did not eat that. $5.


Calabrese Pizza

Verdict – Did not enjoy this too much…. The crust had the texture of airy bread. It was soggy in the centre and I didn’t like the taste and texture. The toppings on the pizza included Chorizo sausage – that tasted good, not salty. Olives also on the pizza (I love olives on pizza). I also thought the whole thing tasted a bit on the sweet side, and got a bit annoying when the pizza cooled off. My daughter seemed to enjoy it. This pizza is good for two people, we only ate half of it and brought the rest home. The price was okay $15.

Address: Stoney’s Bread Company, 1045 The Queensway, Etobicoke, ON


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