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K-Pocha Pub and Restaurant is a pretty good find in Mississauga (Dundas and Hurontario). Even though K-Pocha has been in existence for about a year (we witnessed when the restaurant opened), and we live pretty darn close to the place, we only finally got around to eating here.

K-Pocha Pub and Restaurant serves KFC (aka Korean Fried Chicken). The format of these type of Korean eateries focuses on Korean Fried Chicken in a ‘pub-like’setting, serving fun and interesting munchies. (K-Pocha’s interior didn’t really look or feel like a pub). I think its unique at least because I’ve only started hearing about KFC and I don’t think there are many in the Mississauga region. I think K-Pocha is the only one of its kind here. (Maybe someone can correct me on this ‘fact’).


K-Pocha hours only begin at 5pm, but the owner let us in early at 4:30pm. That was really nice of her! A container of ice-cold water was brought to our table, which was such a great idea instead of needing to constantly fill up our glasses.

The menu looks amazing with so many interesting and delicious dishes to order. Some would say the prices here are too high. Some of the fried chicken dishes do run over $20, but I also think they give a whole chicken and its more for the whole table to share rather than for one person to consume on their own. There is a good range of selection so the price at the end balances out.


To begin, we were given a couple of free appetizers – cole slaw with their own creamy salad dressing (tastes like mayonnaise), and this amazing hot creamed corn on a sizzling platter. I think the sauce in the creamed corn is the same as the salad dressing but warmed up. It was so good, I wish they offered replenishments!


The Takoyaki came next. I wasn’t too concerned about the $7 price for six pieces; I actually don’t know what other restaurants charge for this. What I do know is I loved the Takoyaki! It was sizzling hot topped with lots of bonito flakes and tonkatsu sauce. It was crispy on the outside, and melts in your mouth on the inside. It was bursting with flavour. The best takoyaki I’ve had in a long time. So much more worth it than compared to the ‘takoyaki’ served at AYCE sushi places (I know we really shouldn’t compare with AYCE places), and definitely puts Kenzo Ramen’s takoyaki to shame.


The Chicken Wings came next. Five pieces of large whole wings fried with a very light crispy batter. Even though there were only five pieces of wings, if you split them up, thats really equivalent to ten pieces of wings that’s served at regular wing places. So for $11 it was a very decent price considering the size of the wings. I am pretty sure a batter was used to get that texture, but it was so light that you can’t even tell there is batter on it. The chicken had no other seasoning but a side of sauce was provided for dipping (the sauce also looked like the salad dressing and the creamed corn sauce). I didn’t need the sauce though, I like to eat mine dry. The wings were on the greasy side, so after a couple of pieces, I could not eat more.


The Rice Cake With Pork Belly sure was spicy on the first bite. But I quickly got accustomed to the spiciness right after that. The spiciness also had a sweet flavour (I think this is how Korean hot sauce is). I like the squeakiness and chewiness of the rice cake. My daughter thought the pork belly was a bit over done – I have to agree with her. I also like to taste the fat in the pork belly, which I couldn’t taste here. This didn’t really diminish our enjoyment of this dish though.

So K-Pocha is a winner for us and we thoroughly enjoyed everything we ate. Looking forward to future visits and trying out the unique items on their menu. In fact, my sister is coming into town and this is where we will be treating her – fried chicken and Soju… MMmmmmm….

Address: K-Pocha Bar and Restaurant – 169 Dundas Street East Unit#7 Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    tried this place after seeing your review!
    Did you know you can get half and half flavors for a chicken order?
    I get half green onion chicken and half spicy chicken. My only gripe was I had ordered a basket of fries but wouldn’t have had the waitress told me the chicken comes with some fries on the side. Other then that the chicken was crispy and the draft beer was nice and cold

    1. Reggie says:

      Yeah the same thing happened to us! We also ordered the half and half chicken and didn’t realize they came with fries! I can’t remember which one, I think its the spicy half of the chicken I thought was too sweet.

  2. saucy2wings says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog when I was looking at food blogs for inspiration (I started one myself not too long ago). I live in Mississauga too and never knew about this little gem. I love your pictures; they present the food well. The side dishes look awesome, especially the corn. This is not what I would normally see at Korean restaurants. I love takoyaki and spicy rice cakes. And I have heard wonders of KFC from my Korean friends but have never tried some myself. I think I’m going to visit this place sometime soon! Thanks for the recommendations. What drinks do they have (since it’s a pub)?

    1. Reggie says:

      Congrats on your blog! I think its fun to write about food. I don’t go out to eat as much anymore though. I’m Chinese Canadian too btw!. As for KPocha, I haven’t tried their alcohol but they always have a special where you order the chicken dish and get five bears I think. Or you can get soju. I want to try it though.

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