Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant – Mississauga


Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant has two locations in the GTA – the original in North York, and the newest location in Mississauga.  I will talk about the Mississauga location because that’s what my blog is all about.

Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant took over the location where Beaver and Bulldog used to be (on Dundas East, beside the Dunwin Centre).  I am pretty sure Lac Vien has been here about a year or so, but we only visited it for the first time last week.


We arrived at 4:30pm for an early dinner, so we were basically the only customers there.  The outer building appearance is nice (I always liked the look of that building).  There is an existing outdoor patio from the previous restaurant, I wonder if Lac Vien will take advantage of it….  The interior was very clean.  I am saying this because from my personal experience, a lot of pho places I have visited are a little lacking in the cleanliness area.

The menu was varied and looked very appealing – Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese dishes offered.  In fact, the menu was huge.  I ordered the Grilled Beef , Egg Meat Loaf on Rice (C9).  My daughter ordered the Stir Fry Chicken on Rice (CX7).


The C9 came with four pieces of fast fry steak which tasted like marinated Korean short ribs.  It was great and tasty.  Meat was a little on the tough side, but the pieces were thin so it balances out.  The egg meat loaf is the typical that’s offered at other pho places.  It wasn’t heated up so just room temperature, would’ve preferred it was a bit warmer.  There was a side salad with no dressing (why is that – these salads never have dressing).  Plus a small bowl of soup broth.  I have to say I enjoyed the taste of the soup broth which was clean, but a little on the salty side.  I am sure it would taste great with some pho noodles in it, which I will try next.


The CX7 was more of a moist chicken stir fry dish, whereas mine was a dry dish. The chicken had lots of sauce which you could mix in with the rice.  I tasted it and liked it a lot.  My daughter also enjoyed it and ate everything.  It was a ginger onion dish and the chicken was well flavoured and not annoying.  This meal did not come with a side bowl of soup.  Too bad.

We were also very shocked with the price which was under $9.00 per dish.  So our total meal was very inexpensive.

This pho restaurant is a little different from others where they don’t place a pot of tea at your table.  They do give you a decent sized glass of hot or cold tea, but you will need to flag the server for refills.

We enjoyed Lac Vien a lot. We are going back to try other dishes.

Address:  Lac Vien Vietnamese Restaurant – 1580 Dundas street East, Mississauga, ON



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  1. doesitblog says:

    I’m interested to hear your opinions on the pho itself. It seems Mississauga is becoming pho central now with the new pho place opened at Hurontario & Dundas, and another one coming soon in the No Frills plaza at Mavis & Eglinton. Hopefully this leads to an increase in price/quality through competition, rather than everyone trying to shoot for the lowest price and having quality suffer.

    1. Reggie says:

      We actually went back for dinner today and ordered a pho called Thai stew beef something or other. It was a spicy red broth which I have not seen at other pho places. The beef was of brisket type and very tender and generous amounts in chunks rather than slices. Lots of noodles, yes someone on RFD mentioned the texture is a little softer. Still good tho.

      To be honest, the food is cleaner and not greasy, where I find Golden Turtle can feel heavy and greasy at times (my daughter loves Golden Turtles pho tho). The food here tastes healthy and clean. Their spring rolls were very enjoyable and not greasy.

      And to be honest again, I am kind of sick of eating at pho restaurants, so Lac Vien is kind of nice with the huge menu offerings.

      I will update this section with our latest experience in a little bit.

      1. doesitblog says:

        Thanks for the info. I will have to try it.

  2. rickie says:

    Pho shizzle! Lol! I thought of that myself!!!

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