Papa Guiseppe’s Pizza & Pints



Port Credit Mississauga is a foodie haven, and has tons of little gems. One of these gems I visited last night is called Papa Guiseppe’s Pizza & Pints. This little Italian style eatery is actually part of the ‘Pump’ restaurants, such as Clarkson Pump & Grill. I’ve actually been to Clarkson Pump & Grill and wasn’t too thrilled by it.

Papa Guiseppe’s is a cozy, rustic little place offering stone-oven pizza and traditional pastas. I really liked the atmosphere of this little place, it felt like a cottage decorated with Italian knickknacks. There is a patio hidden in the back of the restaurant. There wasn’t many people when we visited, but I believe they get quite busy and have a steady stream of regular customers.

I ordered the Polpette a la Michael (or in simple terms, spaghetti and meatballs). My daughter ordered the Pollo, which is breaded chicken breast on a bun with mixed salad. The waitress brought us a bottle of filtered water to the table, so we didn’t need to order any beverages.

Polpette a la Michael came with four homemade meatballs, spaghetti, and pomodoro sauce. and a crustini bread on the side. I enjoyed everything about my meal. The serving does not seem like a lot, but the bowl is deep so carried more than it appears. The meatballs had a good smooth texture, and great flavor. The size was generous; I could only finish three of the four meatballs. The pasta was not homemade, but was cooked al dente. The tomato sauce was more on the sour side, which I prefer (I don’t particularly like when restaurants add sugar to the tomato sauce). All the flavours went well together. Some may think that its just spaghetti, how can one go wrong with spaghetti – That is a big lie!

The Pollo sandwich was delicious! I think probably better than the pasta dish I had. The sandwich was huge with a generous serving of mixed salad. They also did not cheap out on toppings for the salad. The breaded chicken with sauce and cheese was tender and flavourful, with just the right coating to add that bit of crunch. The quality of bread that was used only added to the quality of the sandwich and made it even more enjoyable. I plan on ordering this sandwich next time.

So, Papa Guiseppe’s is a winner for us. Particularly enjoyed the delicious food, cozy, simple atmosphere, and the friendly service. Our next visit probably next week will be dedicated to trying their stone-oven pizza!

Address: Papa Guiseppe’s Pizza & Pints – 26 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON


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  1. ronin2123 says:

    Seems pretty interesting. Have you tried the new breakfast place Panagio’s? They just opened in Mississauga. They have another location in Scarborough.

  2. pacmanlam says:

    Great Italian restaurant! Definitely try the duck and mushroom linguine. I’m always happy with the food and service at this restaurant.

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