THE WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro

the works

Before I get into my review about my burger experience at THE WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro, I’d like to make a constructive comment on their website – Hey Webmaster, please consider enlarging The Works logo just a tad because it is really hard to read the small print.

Now back to business… There are several locations of THE WORKS Gourmet Burger Bistro throughout Ontario. There are none in Mississauga, the closest locations in my neck of the woods would be in Brampton, and then Milton. The location I visited is in Waterloo (because my daughter goes to school in Waterloo, and we needed some lunch before I headed back home).

The menu offers a huge selection of burgers. The concept is good – you select the burger theme from the list of twenty or so that’s offered, you decide on the type of meat you want (beef, chicken, veggie, turkey, etc.), you select the type of bread. And then you select your choice of sides.

I selected the Son Of A Beetch burger, which had avocado, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, and some special sauce. I ordered the Ex-Montrealer Poutine as a side (smoked meat poutine). I was disappointed when the waitress came back to me and told me they were out of the Ex-Montrealer. So, I substituted it with the pulled pork poutine (Lipstick on a Pig). It took a long time for our food to arrive. I will have to remember this for next time because I don’t think one should have to wait half an hour for their burger and fries.


My meal wasn’t bad. The bun was nice and solid and did not go soggy at all. I even brought my leftover home and just ate it now and the bun was still intact. I am not sure what kind of special sauce is on the burger and what colour it should be. My toppings looked all mixed together, and the feta cheese must have been mixed in with the sauce. I didn’t think the sundried tomatoes went to well with the burger, in fact I think maybe it was this that had a plastic-taste. I think if it was removed from the Son of a Beetch, it wouldn’t be missed. The Lipstick on a Pig Poutine was okay. Just a few shreds of pork drizzled with BBQ sauce, and placed on top of poutine. It was a little salty, and could’ve tasted better without the BBQ sauce. I thought with the BBQ sauce was competing for top taste on the poutine, it was detracting from the overall taste. (Oh yes, the gravy was thickened with a lot of starch).

The whole concept of THE WORKS is kind of gimmicky. The restaurant decor and logo design sort’ve reminds me of being on a construction site, or being ‘under construction’. The presentation of the food served in kitchen gadgets (drinks served in measuring cups, food served in baking pans, etc.) doesn’t gel with the ‘construction’ theme. But, I guess whatever ‘works’. It has a huge selection of burgers and its a fun experience. The Waterloo experience was just okay considering we sat under very loud speakers! I’m sure the other location closer to us (Brampton) would probably be a better experience.



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