Heart Sushi – Mississauga (Or is it I <3 Sushi)

Heart sushi

I wasn’t too excited when I heard a new AYCE called Heart Sushi opened up in Mississauga. I still didn’t get excited when my friend raved about the new AYCE, and I really did not have any desire to visit Heart Sushi any time. The only reason I went a week ago was because my daughter heard about this place and wanted to give it a try… It turned out to be a very good experience!


Heart Sushi is in a great location, located in the Heartland Shopping area, so shoppers can take a break for lunch or dinner. Its easy to get to, you can see it off Britannia Rd., and has plenty of parking. The restaurant is huge, spacious, modern, trendy, very clean and white, minimalist. Its a really nice atmosphere. The menu is on an IPAD (same as K&B Sushi). I think all these AYCE sushi places uses the same menu program when using the IPAD format.

The food selection was very good. Lots of interesting and different choices and lots of fish selection. They presented salmon sashimi in many different formats, but gave each a different name on the menu selection (e.g. salmon sashimi was presented in a wine glass aka ceviche). Heart Sushi seems to like to grill the top of the sashimi first. This method presents really nicely, but I think it takes away from the natural flavour of true raw fresh sashimi. For example, the ceviche salmon I ordered looked very artistic, but the salmon was lacking in some flavour.


Heart Sushi presented tea in a nice teapot with price included in the AYCE price. They had dessert selection that is typical of Chinese buffets (and which I found boring).


The quality of food at Heart Sushi was quite good and the meal presentations were creative and innovative, but still personally, I preferred the quality and variety of food at K&B Sushi. The tempura from K&B Sushi was also better (better properly cooked batter). K&B Sushi also had larger variety in some choices (such as soups, salads, dim sum). The portions served at Heart Sushi were really small and single serving (the good thing is that you can reorder). I found the value to price ratio to be just mediocre, and I don’t think we ate our $50 worth. I felt the value at K&B Sushi was much better.

Its been a week and I can’t remember what is on the menu, we ate mostly fish items. I will show you some pictures of what we ate. Definitely looking forward to going back to Heart Sushi.

Address: Heart Sushi – 815 Britannia Rd W #2, Mississauga, ON


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