Cooksville Fish & Chips


I’ve been on a fish and chips kick these past two weeks. So I’ve checked out a fourth fish and chips place in my neck of the woods recently, the latest one being Cooksville Fish & Chips. I decided to check it out because I read a couple of people raving about them on Chowhound.

Cooksville Fish & Chips is little, dive-y, hole-in-the-wall on Dundas and Hurontario. According to their banner on the wall, they’ve been around since 1964. Its run by a little Chinese man (Asian) who doesn’t look older than 1964. Bonus for him is everyone in the neighbourhood seems to know him and hang out at his joint.


I ordered Halibut and Fries to take out with a pop, came to $11. Heres a picture of my fish and chips. The fish was pretty good, a decent size and tender. When comparing this halibut with Homestyle Fish & Chips, Cooksville’s halibut was much more tender, and Homestyle’s fish had some dry spots. There was even a bone in my fish so be careful when you’re eating. The batter was decent and crunchy, there were some areas of the batter where it was a bit too thick and batter-y though. The fries were bad, they are frozen fries (that is not why I labelled them bad), but they seemed stale as if they were re-cooked.

I am going to rank them a 7 just for the fish. Not going to rank the fries, because they would deserve a 2. I may stop by again but probably just buy the piece of fish.

Address: Cooksville Fish & Chips – 55 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Cooksville Fish and Chips is my regular spot for fish and chips, and I won’t go anywhere else to get my fish. I find their batter is right, not too thick and they always keep their oil fresh unlike other places you can’t even taste the fish.

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