Homestyle Fish & Chips (Did This Place Satisfy My Craving?)


Sometimes don’t you get a craving for fish and chips?  And not just any fish and chips, it has to be amazing, crispy, delicious, well made fish and chips.

Homestyle Fish & Chips has been around for years in a big plaza on Eglinton and Creditview. Its not a flashy place or anything special looking. In fact, from the outside there’s nothing about the appearance that would attract your every day plaza visitor, except for the name of the store. The interior is a bit run down, has a very sterile, cafeteria feel to the place.

However, Homestyle is quite a busy place. Because they make good quality fish and chips, and there really isn’t that many fish and chips places in Mississauga. Homestyle caters a very
limited niche in our neck of the woods.

The fish and chips are priced very well. For only $9.25, I received a plate full of fries and a plump, crispy battered halibut. I am not going to rate the fries, because most people who eat fish and chips mainly come for the fish (although the fries were decent, nothing special, and I ordered a big cup of gravy). The fish was really meaty, and the batter was not greasy compared to many other places. It tasted light and I just wanted to keep eating. One thing that would make this fish totally the best would be beer batter, which would add that extra oompf of flavour. Also, coleslaw was not included, and I didn’t know this when I ordered my food. So, because of this, I think I would rate the halibut an 7.5 8.0 (I had to raise their ranking because after visiting a few other places recently, Homestyle knows how to make fish and chips, even their mediocre fries are better than the other places I’ve visited). Homestyle was very good, but not the best that I’ve ever had.

I am already craving fish and chips again..? Maybe for lunch…


Address: Homestyle Fish & Chips – plaza at Creditview & Eglinton Avenue W.,Mississauga, ON


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  1. Donovan says:

    Hey i have the occasional craving and when i’m in the area i go there. I do prefer The Fisherman’s Plaice (spelled like that) on Unity gate. Its a bit closer to my place. It never disappoints. Not sure if your into mexican but they have opened a new Burrito Boyz of Winston Churchill my favourite is Chorizo though Winston Churchill/Lakeshore. I also enjoy El Sombero if you would like to try them they have 2 locations now. They are all responsibly priced places.

    1. Reggie says:

      Yes, I’ve seen the new Burrito Boyz. I usually just go to the one onDundas and Hurontario. I’ve also been to El Sombrero (used to work across from there).

    2. Reggie says:

      Read some good reviews for Fisherman’s Plaice, so I definitely need to stop by there.

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