SUKO THAI – Getting Lost Led Us Here

As the title says, getting lost led us to an utterly delicious find, which was Suko Thai on the border of Mississauga and Oakville. Well, I have heard of Suko Thai before – the restaurant used to be located at the same plaza as Dai Ichi Sushi, but since it ‘closed down’, I didn’t know where they moved to. Well, now I know! We got lost driving in the snowstorm on Thursday night, trying to take detours and side roads; we ended up at the complex at Winston Park.


Because of the snowstorm, I’m pretty sure most of the restaurants were very quiet. Suko Thai was no different. We were the only customers there until we left (when a lone customer walked in). It was fine for us as we like the quiet and relaxed pace we experienced at Suko Thai. The restaurant is small and exotic and richly decorated. While we were reading the menu and waiting for our food we couldn’t help but admire and ooh and ahh at all the lovely décor and furnishings. We especially admired the intricate wooden wall hanging behind us. I think the decorations can be purchased too because as I was using the washroom (LOL), I noticed a painting on the wall that had a price tag on it.

We took a few minutes to look over the delicious and variety filled menu. We ordered jasmine tea to drink, we ordered Basil Duck, Golden Curry With Chicken, one steamed Jasmine Rice, and one order of Roti. I will describe each delicious item that we purchased:

Jasmine Tea

This is just a regular cup of Jasmine Tea, however it was a good quality tea. It did not have a bitter flavour, weird aroma, strange after taste, and especially it did not leave me bloated (side eye Axia…)

Basil Duck

This is the first Thai restaurant where I came across Basil Duck. I am sure other Thai restaurants serve this, however, I visit fewer Thai restaurants than I do Chinese restaurants. This Basil Duck dish is a stir fry. Keep in mind duck is a dark meat so will have a completely different appearance from chicken. I thought the duck had a strange taste (I am more accustomed to the taste of Chinese roast duck). The sauce was savoury and had a level two hotness to it, which I did not find hot at all (I was worried it would be too hot). The serving was not large, but it was big enough for the two of us, especially since we ordered a couple of other items. I am not sure I would order this dish again since there are so many other dishes on the menu that I want to try, especially the curries.

Golden Curry With Chicken

The Golden Curry was out of this world. This curry dish is coconut based so had a mild, creamy, mellow and sweet flavour. I thought of the chicken that we selected for our curry as more an accompaniment to the Golden Curry, as I found the sauce to be so tasty I could just eat it alone with the Roti. We ordered Roti which we used to soak up all the sauce. SO DELICIOUS! Yes, will absolutely ordered this again.

Roti Pastry, & Bowl of Jasmine Rice

I did not take a picture of the Jasmine Rice because it was just plain bowl of rice. The rice was good because it did not have that nauseating perfume-y fragrance (side eye Axia). Suko Thai also gave a decent amount of rice in the bowl.

I DID take a picture of the Roti! It was homemade, the cook brought it piping hot to our table. I think it was deep-fried or pan-fried in oil because it was greasy in appearance and touch. It was also light and crispy! And tasted absolutely delicious soaked in Golden Curry. The order of Roti Pastry came in two pieces. Yes, will definitely order this again, however will order extras.

Sticky Coconut Rice With Mango

To be honest I have had better Sticky Rice and Mango elsewhere. The serving was small and the mango was sour. I thought the rice could have more coconut sauce or could be slightly sweeter. At $6.95 for this dessert, I felt it was overpriced for what we received. I would order it again though (maybe mango will be more ripe next time).

Overall, I thought the food was good (Golden Curry and Roti was what won us over). I felt the prices are a little high for Thai food (our meal came to $54 including tax and tip). The quality was authentic and excellent. There are not too many Thai restaurants of this quality in Toronto and especially my neck of the woods.

Address: Suko Thai – 2055 Winston Park Drive, Oakville, ON


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