My Xmas Brunch At Delta Toronto East 2013


The Delta Toronto East is located at 401 and Kennedy Road in Scarborough. I forgot what a beautiful hotel it really is. The Delta was formerly The Renaissance back in the day; I remember having McDonalds Christmas parties at The Renaissance when I was a teenager.

Xmas Brunch at Delta Toronto East (Whitesides Terrace Grille) is not an every day practice since it was quite pricy at $49 a head (kids $29). The seafood selection was outstanding though.  Just look at my plate – lobster, smoked salmon, raw oysters, king crab claws, mussels, also sushi. There was also turkey with stuffing, chicken, breakfast items, salad bar. Plus a great dessert table with festive cake selections.  The coffee served was delicious and service overall was outstanding.

This was a great experience going for Xmas brunch.  I’d love to turn this into a regular yearly tradition with my family.

Address: Whitesides Terrace Grille (Delta Toronto East) – 2035 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Looks Awesome! I will check it out. Have you tried brunch at the Glen Erin Inn in Mississauga?

    1. Reggie says:

      I have never been to Glen Erin Inn, but have heard of it (quite a nice place). Now I need to look into it for sure.
      The reason we went to Delta Toronto East was because my family lives in Scarborough and always spend Christmas with them.

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