‘Gourmet’ Burger or Not? At Earls Restaurant


I had a ‘gourmet’ burger at Earls tonight – The Bacon Cheddar Smash Burger for over $20 with tax and tip.

What a joke and waste of money spending so much for a ‘gourmet’ burger.

The burger arrived looking delicious and  huge and tall because of the bun and how it was presented on a fancy, artsy cutting board.  It quickly deflated as soon as I grabbed it with my hands, and then I was able to see that the burger patty was not as much meat as it appeared and was mostly just bread. The meat crumbled as I was trying to eat it, and eventually the whole thing fell apart. There was nothing gourmet about the toppings (just tomato, lettuce, cheese). And the frozen shoestring fries were too salty.

The only thing gourmet about my burger was the overpriced price tag of over $20 and my meal was served to me by a waiter. 
I’ll stick to my Smokes Burger in the food court for under $13 any day.

Address:  Earl’s Restaurant, Square One, Mississauga, ON


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  1. Rob says:

    I’ve had that burger before and had the same experience. I usually stay away from big chain stores. You have to try bamboo legend at Winston Churchill and dundas. Get the red Thai curry.

    1. Reggie says:

      I tried going to Bamboo Legend a few weeks ago.., they were closed for dinner and had weird hours! 😕

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