Union Burger


I haven’t yet learned how to take a picture of a hamburger that does it justice. Why does photos of Harveys or Mcd’s burgers always look so big and juicy? While the photo of this real burger from Union Burger I took looks so skimpy and meager??

Anyway, this is a Swiss and Mushroom Burger from Union Burger. Union Burger is located near the Living Arts Building by Square One. They are owned by the same company as Coffee Culture (love Coffee Culture, wish there were more around in Mississauga). I wasn’t crazy about the bun as each bite the bread stuck to the front of my teeth. I am not sure if its an egg bun or what kind of bun it is. The swiss and mushroom didn’t have much flavour. I realized that while I ordered my meal, and the reason I chose the swiss and mushroom was because I was not sure what to select. They had a Chipotle burger, which I should’ve chose instead. The meat wasn’t bad; some commented that the meat was kind of dry, but I didn’t find that to be the case with my burger. I also really liked the french fries which tastes better than the fries from Big Smoke Burgers. Union Burger is a big improvement from Five Guys Burgers (still cannot understand the craze for Five Guys).

Union Burger had a modern, retro diner feel to it. Lots of stainless steel and very streamlined furniture. You will love the pop machine! Union also serves milkshakes and ice cream. The only negative about Union Burger is you have to pay for meter parking, even if you’re there to order out. I placed in a quarter into the meter which allowed me 15 minutes of parking.

Address: Union Burger – 4188 Living Arts Drive, Mississauga, ON


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  1. jayt90 says:

    Burger photos:
    Are you using a DSLR, high ISO, wide aperture >f/2.8? Without flash?
    That will improve restaurant photos, and used ones are reasonable now.

    1. Reggie says:

      Just using my Google Nexus 4 lol.

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