Symposium Café – Mississauga Is For Salt Lovers In A Luscious Setting

Symposium Café, Mississauga’s low quality cooking sure does not measure up to their beautiful, high quality, renaissance style interior. Too bad they focused too much on outer appearance rather than on their food.

We have visited the Dundas Street West, Mississauga location twice now and the second time validated our decision to not eat food here again.


Our first visit was last Thanksgiving weekend for breakfast. I noticed the restaurant was not busy, and we excused this for the fact that it was Thanksgiving… hmmm. I ordered the Eggs Benedict and my daughter ordered the Belgian waffles with strawberries and came with a fruit salad. We both ordered coffee. The coffee was good and at the beginning before we even received our meals, the waitress constantly checked to see if we needed a refill. But once we received our meals, she disappeared especially when we needed coffee refills. Strange, eh? We had to request the refill from the restaurant manager who made her rounds.

The positive aspect about our breakfasts was that it was non-greasy and seemed relatively healthy. The sad points were – the ‘home fries’ were the frozen kind and they probably placed it in a convection oven. They looked skimpy and practically slid off my plate they were that dry. The Belgian waffle was pathetic with a meager serving of very thinly sliced strawberries. There was barely any icing sugar? The syrup was the kind of packet that you would receive at a fast food place, such as McDonalds. And where was the whipped cream? The breakfast food overall tasted okay, but overly priced at close to $30 (including regular tip) for the quality and meager offerings they presented. This did not dissuade us to try Symposium Café again as we thought maybe their regular food menu will be decent.

We went again this past weekend for lunch this time. This is where we are turned off forever from going to Symposium again. Service started out nicely, the waitress was nice and attentive. My daughter ordered broccoli and cheddar soup and the Thai chicken tenders. I ordered the Jambalaya.


We received the soup in a large bowl (wow great value for the price). The soup was quite salty, but we ate it anyway (we shared it) and didn’t think too much of it. We were so hungry as this is a late lunch and we didn’t eat anything in the morning.

Our meals came shortly after. The waitress brought cutlery only for one person, and we had to request another set of cutlery (how else am I supposed to eat my Jambalaya with the shrimp and chicken)? First bite was so so. My rice was overwhelmed with tomato sauce, very sour tasting. It seemed like the chef just opened up a can of tomato sauce and poured it on top of the rice and then doused my plate with salt, my mouth was starting to pucker. This is NOT Jambalaya. Blah. The Chicken Tenders were not much better. At first bite it wasn’t too bad – crispy skin with a sweet sauce. But I also noticed the chicken was not hot, only warm. The more we bit into the chicken the sweeter and thicker the sauce seemed to get. We just could not eat this dish. We could not eat both dishes, period.

We then waited and waited for our waitress. She seemed to disappear once she brought our meals; we had to flag another waitress to find our waitress…. What a bad impression.

I did leave a tip (but less than 15%). But we were really turned off by our food and the quick decline in service. I don’t know if this bad experience at the Symposium Café – Dundas location is indicative of the quality of the other locations…. I give them an A++ for décor though.

Address: Symposium Café – 3055 Dundas St W, Mississauga, ON


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  1. doesitblog says:

    This is consistent with my experience at Symposium in Guelph. Great ambiance and atmosphere. Solid service. Food was very forgettable.

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