Big Smoke Burger – Square One


I had the Crazy Burger combo at Big Smoke Burger in Square One today. This burger was garnished with lettuce, jalapeños, Cole slaw and some sort of sauce (will look it up and update soon).

For my combo I chose fries and a pop. As you can see from the photo, they really loaded up my fries. I wonder if its because they recognize me now or if its because there was no line up and therefore, did not need to rush. Anyhow, my burger was delicious. The burger and fries are made hot and fresh. The burger patty is much meatier and more flavourful than Five Guys Burgers.

I like this Big Smoke Burger better than the Eaton Centre location. I remember trying the Eaton location over a year ago, and didn’t like it at all. I’ve been to the SQ1 location at least three times now, and have also tried the Spicy Burger and poutine. Their fries and poutine are just okay. But their burgers are so good and filling … Mmmm.. Looking at this photo makes my mouth water…

Address: Big Smoke Burger, Square One, Mississauga, ON


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