Jade Dim Sum


Jade Dim Sum at Dixie and Queensway was formerly located at Cawthra and Dundas. I had never been there before but had heard about them. They are known for inexpensive dim sum in the Mississauga area. Jade Dim Sum’s new location is where a European Bakery used to be. I have seen a lot of business change over at that address over the years. I wonder how Jade Dim Sum will fare?

We discovered Jade Dim Sum at the new location as we were driving out to Etobicoke, we tried it out just this past weekend. We got there at 4:00 pm and there was only one customer there. I am not sure how business is during lunch hour… Jade has only been at this location for a few weeks, but the interior did not feel new.

The menu was very inexpensive at mostly $2.20 per dish. We only spent about $25 (including tip) for about 10 dishes. Considering the price point, the quality of the food wasn’t that bad. Believe me, this place is four star compared to a dim sum place we went to in Waterloo recently (strongly do not recommend dim sum in Waterloo!). I think the taste is better than Tremendous, which is another inexpensive dim sum restaurant in Mississauga.

I would go here for quick in and out meal and when I don’t want to spend too much cash (cash only at this restaurant). Happy Jade Seafood Restaurant (just one block away) is still my first choice for dim sum in Mississauga even though they are more expensive than Jade Dim Sum.

Will post pics soon.

Address: Jade Dim Sum – 2280 Dixie Rd, Mississauga, ON


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