Kenzo Ramen – Ramen Finally Reaches Mississauga!


Kenzo Ramen has various locations in GTA, and has finally opened up a small eatery in Mississauga! This is a great move for the company as they now dominate a particular missing food sector in Mississauga. I won’t be surprised to see more ramen joints popping up in the next little while.

I’m not really a ramen specialist, only having tried it a couple of times – first at Raku Ramen in Markham, and recently at Mokutanya in San Francisco (which was the best ramen I’ve ever had, other places will be hard to beat this place).

When we arrived at the Burnhamthorpe location just before 5:00 pm the restaurant was empty and the staff was just sitting around. BUT it was really strange – not even five minutes after we arrived, the restaurant quickly filled up with customers where every table was taken and within fifteen minutes, there was a waiting line!

There was a good selection of ramen bowls ranging from basic to spicy; each ramen bowl was a slight variation of each other. There was also a small selection of rice dishes which were off the menu (you need to look at the signs on the walls). I think the Mississauga menu may be pared down compared to the other Kenzo locations in the east end.


I ordered the King of Kings, which is a spicy ramen with a variety of different meats and some seafood cake, bean sprouts, seaweed, mushrooms, and half a boiled egg. I requested my ramen to be just slightly spicy as I somehow had an intuition that the cooks don’t really pay too much attention to these types of requests. I was right, my ramen was still spicy. Now I wonder if I didn’t request to alter the spiciness level if it would still be as spicy or even spicier? They were a little stingy on the seafood cake, just offering two very thinly cut slivers. The soup broth was tasty even with the hotness level, which my tastebuds quickly adapted to. It was on a bit on the salty side (but I don’t usually drink the broth anyway). The quality of the noodles was very good, although I thought it tasted a bit perfume-y. I thought the noodles were much better when compared to Raku Ramen, which seemed like they used instant noodles.


My daughter ordered the Karashi Ramen, which was also a spicy ramen dish, but had less filling than mine – spicy ramen with Japanese Karashi hot sauce topped off with roasted pork slices. Seasonal topping: marinated bamboo shoot. She didn’t alter the hotness level on hers, but it tasted just as spicy as mine. I thought the Karashi broth was less sweet than the King of Kings broth though.

We really enjoyed our meals at Kenzo Ramen, although I thought the prices were a little high (our two ramen dishes with tax and tip came close to $30).  Since Kenzo Ramen is the only ramen place available in Mississauga, we will be visiting this place regularly.

Address: Kenzo Ramen – 720 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Mississauga, ON


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  1. chin121 says:

    i think the ramen is fine, but way too expensive. I guess they can get away with it since they’re the only game in town.

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