Molisana Bakery – Mississauga

Molisano Bakery

DoesItBlog recommended Molisana Bakery for their pizzas because we were discussing Alexandria Hut a little while ago and how they used to make amazing wood oven pizza. So I finally had a chance to pay them a visit yesterday. Molisana Bakery is a small, family-run business located in a quiet plaza near Creditview and Britannia.

It was quiet when we walked in at 4:30 pm (I think it probably gets pretty busy at lunchtime and during the school year). It was also a little dark. As we walked thru the front door the hot food counter is right in front of us. Molisana Bakery is also a deli and bakery, if I didn’t know better I would never think they served hot foods (just because of the name of the store).

The food looked good, there were about ten different pizzas lined up behind the counter, and a whole selection of homemade hot foods looking at us. I took a quick glance at the menu board and the prices were great – one hot dish with a side is only $6.99. So we ordered the breaded chicken drizzled with tomato sauce with a side of pasta. And we also ordered a slice of pizza with Italian sausage. We saw the older lady behind the counter was making the pizzas right on the premises, slathering on homemade sauce, cheese, etc. The pizza oven was right behind her, in plain view of us. It all looked great.

The pizza dough is thicker than usual, reminded me of focaccia bread. I personally prefer the dough thin crust that’s chewy and crispy. This one was more like bread. Very fresh though since its homemade. I thought the pizza could be baked a little longer.

The breaded chicken and pasta dish was delicious. We were given two big pieces of chicken and lots of penne pasta with tomato sauce. There was a lot of flavor in the chicken. Usually I am not a fan of chicken breast, but this piece of chicken was tender and full of flavor. Molisana Bakery did a great job. I think they put celery in their tomato sauce because I saw a piece of celery on my plate that wasn’t part of the breaded chicken. That must be the secret to good Italian tomato sauce?

The only thing that would be really nice if they heated up our food. It was cold when they served it to us. In future will remember to ask them to place it in the oven a bit longer.

Our hot dish, slice of pizza and two pops came to just over $14. Very good comfort food. Very much reminds me of Italian Xpress on Eglinton and Tomken (which is still number one to me)!

Address: Molisana Bakery – 1474 Pickwick Dr, Mississauga, ON


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  1. chin121 says:

    yeah, this place gets PACKED at lunch time because of the St.Joe’s next door.

  2. doesitblog says:

    Thanks for doing the review! I also visited this place a few days ago and really enjoyed the pizza. The big thick bready slices are my thing so I will probably be back.

    1. Reggie says:

      I’ll be back to try their other pizzas and hot sandwiches as well. Thanks for suggesting this place!

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