Burrito Boyz Or Mucho Burrito – Which Do You Like Better?




I finally had a Mucho Burrito at the Courtney Park location. To be exact, I ordered a 10″ steak burrito with guacamole for an extra cost. I chose both black beans and mixed vegetables because I was not sure what I wanted. And I chose medium spicy sauces as I wasn’t sure how hot the hot was and mild has no flavour.

As I was enjoying my steak and guacamole burrito at home in front of this computer, I automatically started comparing Mucho Burrito to Burrito Boyz. At first I thought – hmmmm, I kind of like this burrito better than Burrito Boyz. But then I started to think that Burrito Boyz has positives that Mucho Burrito doesn’t. I am also adding in the fact that not all Burrito Boyz are created equal – My favourite location is the one on Lakeshore near Brownsline as they really load up the tortilla shell and they know how to cook the steak well. The Dundas/Hurontario location is very distant in ranking compared to the Lakeshore store.

Heres my comparison based on Mucho Burrito (MB) Courtney Park location and the two Burrito Boyz (BB) locations I’ve been to:

  • MB restaurants look nicer, more colourful, more modern, cleaner looking, more inviting. BB looks more edgy, but dark and grungy and dirty. I think it was intended that way. Also based on my experience on these limited locations that I’ve been to, BB seems to attract a different crowd than MB does.
  • MB has more variations of sizes and menu selections. BB has either burritos or quesadillas, but various choices within these two (e.g. halibut, chicken, steak, sweet potato, beans and cheese. Do they also have a tofu…?).
  • BB pricing is cheaper than MB. I also notice even though BB size is smaller than MB’s (and cheaper), BB really packs it in whereas MB’s looks kind of skimpy. The price difference of the small is about $3!
  • MB adds more meat in the burrito. BB packs more filler into the burrito than MB does. BB also has a greater choice of condiments or fillers than MB does.
  • BB’s burritos are cooked to order. MB’s are already prepared (similar to Subway).
  • MB uses whole beans while BB uses refried beans. I kind of liked MB’s whole beans.
  • BB’s rice tasted better. MB’s rice tasted like Minute Rice.
  • BB’s hot sauce is hotter. I couldn’t even taste MB’s hot sauce even though I asked for medium.
  • MB has guacamole but charges you for it. Does BB have guacamole? I can’t remember.

So, after making my list of comparisons between Burrito Boyz vs Mucho Burrito, I think I DO like Burrito Boyz MUCH better!

What is your preference and opinion?


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Reggie, try out Bar Burrito on hurontario

    1. Reggie says:

      That’s in the same plaza where I go for my morning McDonalds coffee.

  2. Rob says:

    There is a new BB at Winston Churchill and dundas. They actually have a seating area too.

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