Erindale Family Restaurant


We decided to pay Erindale Family Restaurant (EFR) a visit after a poster mentioned it. Its located on Dundas W., a little past Mavis. This restaurant used to be a Pho place which shut down a little while ago (we had always intended to try the pho restaurant, but too late).

Erindale Family Restaurant (EFR) is just a little casual diner style place. On first impression with all the signs on the outside of its store, I had thought this place was very inexpensive, and will the quality be good. We stopped in for breakfast thinking how wrong can breakfast be made even if the prices are so low.

I am pretty sure EFR just adopted their décor and furniture from the previous owners – regular wood tables, chairs and booths with a small homey atmosphere. Nothing wow about it, safe, quiet, someplace to take your time eating your meal without being rushed. It felt a little damp when we got there in the morning. I think they are conserving on bills by keeping the A/C on low.

The prices weren’t as ‘cheap’ as I thought. For breakfast coffee/tea is separately priced from your meal. They had a 2 egg selection for a base price, but then you pay extra to add the meat (bacon, or sausage or ham). We also ordered the pancakes with added sausage. Usually the added sausage should’ve been a lower price than ordering it as a side (according to their menu). But the server overcharged me. Our total price (including tax/tip) for a coffee, tea, pancakes (with sausage) and 2 eggs with ham came to over $24.00.

The food tasted fine, eggs well cooked, potatoes were well spiced, coffee was good, the pancakes were huge. MUCH BETTER AND CLEANER than Orchard Family Restaurant and Bounty Restaurant. The place was quiet with no line ups which made it attractive to us (I really can’t understand the long lineups for breakfast at many breakfast places). And the service was very good and friendly. Yes, I’d come back here for breakfast (not sure about lunch or dinner though).

Address: Erindale Family Restaurant – 1100 Dundas Street W, Mississauga, ON


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