Tim Horton’s Coffee and Tassimo


Good job Tim Hortons/Tassimo! This was a very good marketing move on both your parts!

I had become pretty discouraged with Tim Horton’s coffee over the years due to menu changes, cup size manipulation, taste distortions. I had pretty much boycotted myself from Timmies, preferring to go to McDonalds for my coffee.

Just today Tim Horton’s and Tassimo offered the most amazing promotion. And I was lucky enough to snag the deal. Purchase $40 of Tim Hortons Tassimo coffee, receive a free Tassimo brewer. I managed to get a T47 brewer. Now I’m already a happy owner of a Keurig machine, but I couldn’t let this amazing opportunity go by me. So now I have a Tassimo and a Keurig.


Tested out the Tassimo machine just now with the Tim Horton’s coffee disc received as part of this deal…. Not bad, not bad at all. Tim’s Tassimo coffee tastes better than the ground coffee. Will definitely stay fresher than the ground coffee. I won’t have to worry about refrigerating it. I might even like this better than the in-store coffee…

I like this T47 model. I can fill a full reservoir of water in back of the machine. Press a button and the machine will automatically measure out the water. The water dispensed a very small amount of premeasured water. I just needed to hold down the button to continue the water flow. Once I am happy with the level of water in my mug, I release my finger from the button. Pretty straight forward and simple.

Lets just say this may be my best deal this year… maybe ever. LOL.

Update: June 17hth, 2013

After trying out my new free T47 Tassimo Brewer, I decided I’m not too crazy about it.

– It is a little bit awkward having to remove the water tank from the back of the machine everytime to fill it up. The Keurig I have, all I have to do is lift off the lid at the top of the machine and fill in a mugful of water. Much more convenient and handy.

– The T47 doesn’t dispense enough water/coffee to fill up my mug. So, I am using the Timmies discs, maybe the Timmies discs are only programmed to fill up only half a mug? I don’t like this, such a hassle. Whereas, the Keurig machine will dispense as much water as I place in the reservoir.

– I think the sensor is defective? Sometimes I’m pressing the start button and nothing happens. So I have to lift the lid, remove the disc, replace the disc, try the on/off switch. And then finally the machine will work. Its so loud too, sounds like somethings going to croak.

The T47 was free though, so I guess I can’t complain too much. I’ve registered it for warranty coverage as well. Prefer my old trusty Keurig.

P.S. Timmie’s coffee even from Tassimo still gives me a stomach ache too…. :o/


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