The Bistro on Main (in Milton). This Was an Accidental Surprise!


We found the The Bistro on Main by accident while we were heading out to Milton for an appointment this morning. We intentionally left our home extra early so we could have breakfast in Milton before heading to our destination. I am not familiar with the Milton area, and had Googled a breakfast place the night before. I had my GPS but can never find them reliable. The instructions are always last minute and can be confusing. So, I couldn’t find our intended restaurant (must’ve made a wrong turn or something). We decided to keep driving along Main Street until we found a decent looking eatery. We weren’t looking for any chain restaurants or anything, just something simple.

We discovered The Bistro on Main along a quaint old town strip in Milton. What a cute little bistro, it was stylish and trendy looking. When I came home I wanted to find more info on this little bistro and some pages described it as eclectic, which I definitely think is the wrong description for this little gem of a place, which was decorated with modern leather furniture, hardwood floors, and minimal but stylish decor.

The Bistro on Main specializes in brunch (eggs benedict and frittatas), sandwiches and crepes and good quality, fresh ground and brewed coffee. I ordered the Bistro Classic Fritatta (spinach, proscuitto and aged cheddar). My meal included rosti potatos. I know you are picturing the grated potatoes that are served at Richtree Marche, but these rostis are more like a potato pancake, or mashed seasoned potatoes in a crumbly breaded coating. The fritatta is like a very fluffy omelette and was served on a hot iron skillet. Great presentation and meal was prepared and cooked with care. Non-greasy, very clean, tasted quite healthy.

We also ordered the Smoked Chorizo Eggs Sardu (spicy chorizo sausage with poached eggs and artichoke hearts on english muffin, or you could just call it eggs benedict). This meal was served with a homemade baked corn muffin and flavoured butter. I felt the chorizo was too spicy for first thing in the morning, but my daughter didn’t think so. The chorizo was very good and was not salty at all (which we have experienced at many places). The corn muffin was delicious, just made this morning.

Our meals came with juice, and we also ordered their freshly ground and brewed coffee. Hmmmm… good coffee always hit the spot. Love it!

I could tell off the bat that The Bistro on Main served good quality, freshly homemade food and they take care in the quality of food that they serve their customer, and each meal is very nicely presented. The menu was very well priced for the quality of food (our meals were $9 each). The Bistro on Main is a real gem!

This was our first time in the Milton area, so we probably won’t be frequenting this town too often (even though its so close to Mississauga). But I will definitely remember Bistro on Main next time we do venture out that way.

Address: The Bistro on Main – 164 Main St. E., Milton


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  1. rabidrich says:

    We accidently stumbled upon this same place at lunch, we were also impressed.

    P.S. Next time in Milton, check out Portabello’s More info on my blog here:

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