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I had been very curious about CHOP Steakhouse & Bar for the past few weeks.   I discovered that CHOP is part of the Moxie’s family.  I do like Moxie’s (not all locations).  I think the Moxies near the airport makes a great steak.  So I thought CHOP should be pretty good.  My friends and I were having a dinner get together and decided  this would be an ideal restaurant to have our dinner.

CHOP is ideal location-wise, and it was modern and classy inside.  Esthetics aside, after eating there last night I wasn’t too crazy about the place, and I thought it was overpriced for the quality of food.  CHOP is a chain restaurant but there are only a handful of locations in Canada, and with only one location in Toronto.  The food tasted typical chain.  I will give you a rundown of what we ate and try and describe our experience.

We had reservations at 6pm last night as we thought it would be very busy for a Friday night.  It was very quiet when we got there with only one or two tables occupied.  The service staff were extremely friendly professional, not all being efficient and ontop of their game.  The waitress brought unlimited bottled sparkling water to our table and gave us a rundown of their specials.  After that, our waitress completely disappeared, I think she forgot to reappear to take our orders.  I’m pretty sure it was the manager who took our orders.

There was three of us.  We ordered the Chop Platter to start.  For main entrees, I ordered the New York Striploin with caesar salad, fries and veggies.  One friend ordered the Prime Rib with seafood chowder and veggies.  My other friend ordered the Peppercorn New York Steak with seafood chowder and veggies.  I will give a rundown of my thoughts of each item.

The Chop Platter came with a selection of mixed items.  This platter was probably big enough for 4 – 5 people, we were unable to eat everything first because it was too large for us, and second the food wasn’t that great:

– Steak Bites (bite size pieces of steak)  It looked like small brown lumps on the platter.  When I bit into it, the texture looked and tasted like burger patties (or that fake chicken nugget meat).  There was a dipping sauce to accompany it, which really didn’t help much.  I ate two pieces.

– Jumbo Prawn with seafood sauce – the shrimps were big, looked a bit dried out and not much taste.  The seafood sauce was very tame, missing that horseradish kick to it.

– Chicken Wings on a skewer, with blue cheese dipping sauce.  It was fine, don’t like blue cheese.

– Spicy Cashew Snap Peas – It was cold (was it supposed to be cold?) and very oily.  Very crunchy, doesn’t seem cooked at all.  Did not like it.

– Steakhouse Cheese Toast – It was too salty, I did not like it.

New York Strip Loin Experience – I began with the caesar salad.  Some pieces of lettuce were wilted and dead looking.  Other than that, the salad tasted good, would taste better if the lettuce pieces were completely fresh and crunchy.  The french fries were served in its own separate bowl (which I really liked the presentation).  The fries were actually very good, meaty and crispy and soft at the same time.  The veggies were a mix of green beans, red pepper and a cooked/garnished half tomato.  I took a bite of green bean and red pepper.  You can’t really go wrong with veggies, they were your regular side accompaniment.  The steak was pretty good, simply cooked in its own juices.  I requested medium, but maybe I would’ve preferred it to be a little bit more cooked, I thought it was too red.

My friend ordered the Prime Rib, which she shared with me (I shared my New York Steak with her).  We did not enjoy the Prime Rib, the cut with too thick (probably at least 1.5″ thick).  It was hard to cut and too chewy.  There was too much fat that also contributed to the chewiness.  The edge of the Prime Rib had too much pepper (made it hard to eat without coughing).  Canyon Creek Restaurant serves better Prime Rib

The friends seem to enjoy their seafood chowder, other than that I can’t tell you about the taste.  The mashed potatoes had a touch of wasabi, and looked like the typical mashed potatoes served at Canyon Creek.  I also can’t tell you about the Peppercorn New York Steak except that it was a generous piece of meat that was presented.

How ironic, the waitress reappeared again later on….but, she managed to knock over and break our water glass, spreading water and shards of glass across our table.  Thank goodness our cellphones didn’t get damaged.  The waitress quickly disappeared, with the manager cleaning up her mess.  He offered us a complimentary Dessert Trio and coffee for the hassle.  The Dessert Trio also wasn’t that outstanding.  It consisted of Carribean Rum Cake, Raspberry Crème Brulée and Chocolate Cake.  There was just okay….  I wouldn’t order it again.

Our bill with tax and tip was $190 or about $63 per person.  Completely overpriced for the quality of food.  For that price, I would expect some great quality, well cooked, tasty food and amazing steaks.  The Keg is better.  Canyon Creek is better.  Moxies is even better.  CHOP – completely overpriced.

(I will post pictures soon.  Sorry for typos, my keyboard has a mind of its own).

Address:  CHOP Steakhouse & Bar – 801 Dixon Road, Toronto, ON


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