Sijan Plaza Restaurant – A True Diner, Drive-in and Dive


Sijan Plaza Restaurant has been in Mississauga for ages and is the ultimate textbook dive  – located in a shady plaza filled with shady people and drunkards.  But you gotta love the food!  Isn’t that the typical – the diviest places have good food?  Just think of that show – Drive Ins, Diners and Dives.

Sijan, near Cooksville Go Station, is a West Indian Chinese Restaurant with the owners being Chinese.   Actually, I used to buy food from here on occasion years ago.  For some reason I stopped going there for many years, and just yesterday I suddenly had a craving for Sijan’s roti and curry chicken.

I suggested to my daughter that we should pick up some food from Sijan and she was all for it.  She is like me, we are foodies and will try anything at least once.  Just order the food as take out and everything is fine!

It was as I remembered it from at least 8 years ago – Sijan’s outside is still rundown and shady looking, the interior is still dark and dreary, and the customers are still drunk?  LOL.  Actually, I have to admit the owners try and keep the restaurant looking clean, the tables were clean and the floors were as clean as they could manage.

We ordered roti and curry chicken, dhalpoure and curry goat, and pork and chicken special fried rice.  We received fried chicken wings at no extra charge, which was a nice surprise.

The roti and curry dishes are served separated – the roti/dhalpouri on the side and the curry is placed in a bowl.  I think their roti and curry are delicious even though they may not be the best quality.   My curry chicken is as I remember it from years ago.  The curry goat has a lot of bones, but the meat is tender and reminds me of lamb.  I am aware that eating goat is an acquired taste; my daughter seemed to enjoy it.  We love dipping the roti into the curry sauce, it is so tasty.  I am pretty sure there is a lot of msg in the food because it is addicting, plus I need to drink a ton of water or pop.  So this is something that we won’t eat on a regular basis.

We have not tried the special pork and chicken fried rice and chicken wings yet (I packed some for my lunch this morning).  The rice looks good though with generous pieces of bbq pork and fried chicken topping the huge heaping of fried rice.

Address:  SIjan Plaza Restaurant – 25 John St, Mississauga, ON


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  1. doesitblog says:

    Thanks for another great review. Some people don’t seem to realise the connection between the restaurant’s location’s sketchiness and deliciously cheap and authentic food. I drive through this area semi-regularly, but I did not know about this particular place. Being West Indian myself, my family has come to this area for at least 10 years to get dhalpouri, paratha, and other WI foods at various other restaurants.

    If you are interested in reviewing what I consider to be the best WI restaurant in Mississauga, try Leela’s at 900 Rathburn Rd W.

    1. Reggie says:

      I love West Indian food and have heard of Leela’s. My Guyanese friends tell me about the place all the time and I have always been meaning to try it out.

  2. I disagree about Leela’s being the best West Indian restaurant in Mississauga. Everyone has their favs & mine is Bara’s Carribbean Cuisine which is on Dundas about a block or two east of Hurontario. I find their food to be the most consistent, plus their pepper sauce is amazing!

    But if you’re willing to take a drive out to Burlington then go to D Hott Shoppe in Burlington, that’s the best roti around including Mississauga. I always get their boneless goat with medium pepper and gravy poured over the top.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bara’s is an interesting case. I’ve visited that location and its very “authentic” parking lot many times, picking up dhalpouri and paratha for family parties and such. As they say in Trinidad, “de road bad, but it wort’ de drive!”

    You may be aware that it was called “Bara’s Hut Doubles & Roti”, but then it closed down in 2010, only to open again under new management with the name “Bara’s Caribbean Cuisine.” At this time, they had a very basic menu. Considering the basic menu and the difficulties in finding a parking spot, I switched over to Leela’s.

    Bara’s definitely WAS the best in the area, but I don’t know if they have improved since 2010. If they have equaled their former glory, I may have to brave the parking lot and try them again. Even now, my mouth is watering thinking about goat roti.

    As an aside, I should also mention the other famous WI restaurant in the area: Charlie’s is famous and very popular. Their doubles are unbelievable. But the last time I picked up dhalpouri and paratha for a family party, I found them to be rather weak.

    1. doesitblog says:

      Oops, the comment above was made by me!

    2. I know the history of the roti shop, in fact, I know the original Bara himself. The only similarities between the Bara’s of 2010 and the Bara’s of 2013 is the physical location and part of the name. Actually the parking lot is still in very rough shape.

      The current owner, Michelle, is the one who does most of the cooking thereby ensuring consistency in her food.

      I would suggest you go back and give Bara’s another try. We always eat there and Michelle always treats us well.

      As for Charlie’s, their Chinese food is really good but I am not a fan of their curries.

  4. chin121 says:

    I agree, that Bara’s was the best. I dont make it out there as much as i used to as i miss the chinese food they used to have (now i go to Charlie’s for carribean chinese when i’m in the mood). My favorite doubles are still from Bara’s though.

    As for Sijan, i went once w/my coworkers and ate in. Yup a lot of single men drinking cheap beer. I remember getting a HUGE amount of fried rice when i ordered. It wasn’t bad, but we didn’t go back. i’d like to gather the crew up again for another visit.

    resto review request: Erindale Family Restaurant on Dundas and Erindale Station Road.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Reggie says:

      Is Erindale Restaurant new? I will try it out.

      1. chin121 says:

        its somewhat new… i think it’s been open ~3months-ish

  5. Reggie says:

    I saw people browsing this post lately… FYI, Sijan is no more. They closed their doors after many years in business.

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