Bounty Family Restaurant …. Meh!


The good thing about the Bounty Restaurant is its an old fashioned style family restaurant that serves breakfast.  Bounty has been in Mississauga for years (Dundas and West Mall area).   And thats about it for me!

I have eaten at Bounty before about 6 years ago for breakfast.  At that time I was kind of turned off, there were cob webs everywhere, and my coffee cup had a lipstick stain.  I said I would never go back.

Fast forward to the year 2013 – I went back…. Just to try it again and I was looking for a breakfast place to try out.  I was still disappointed.  Everything still looked the same, the decor has not changed.  Everything still looked worn out and felt a bit dingy inside.

Service was very very poor.  Or should I say – service for us only was very poor.  The place was pretty busy, everyone else seemed to be seated and served right away.  We had to grab our own menus and then find a clean table.  We probably waited around at least 20 minutes before flagging down a waitress to serve us.  All the while I witnessed the waitresses happily serving the other patrons….  I observed the demographics of the customers and I quickly understood the poor service towards us.  I really dislike that feeling when I know that we just don’t fit in… The lady said they were extremely busy….  We were basically ready to get up and leave when the waitress finally came to us with some coffee.

I was craving pancakes along with the regular bacon and eggs.  So I ordered The Bounty, which consisted of three eggs, two sausages, two bacons, two pancakes, toast and potatoes.  $8.95.  We also ordered the three eggs and sausage plate which also came with toast and potatoes – $5.95.  Beverages were charged separately.  The prices weren’t bad at all, the total with tip and tax came to $23 (yes, I still left a tip).

The servings were very generous and the sausages were good quality.  The pancake was too thick and doughy.  Maybe it needed more water or needed to be cooked longer.  We had sunny side up eggs, which were still a little slimy.  I make a much better sunny side up egg (yes, I could’ve made breakfast at home, but I really enjoy eating breakfast out).  The toast was Texas toast, so nice and thick.  And the home fried potatoes were really good – real potatoes tasted especially good with ketchup.

Overall, the breakfast wasn’t bad and the price decent.  But I’ve learned my lesson, which I should have listened to the first time.  If the experience was bad the first time, it will be bad the second time.

Address:  Bounty Family Restaurant – 2206 Dundas E  Mississauga, ON


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  1. Anonymous says:

    i actually think that their breakfasts are amongst the best in the west end. Great bang for buck for the french connection special. Also, their souvlaki dinner is suprisingly tender and very good! But you are right, the service at times leaves lots to be desired..

  2. Sheamus says:

    i remember working here the chef is the owner i guess had a horrendous temper problem and would smash dishes on the floor – i quit asap since i was getting the heat from the family business just because everyone else could barely do their job.

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