Fanzorelli’s Restaurant and Wine Bar – Brampton – What a Great Surprise!


(I borrowed this photo from Fanzorelli website.  I still have to upload my Seafood Fettucini photo)

I went to a fantastic little restaurant in Brampton yesterday called Fanzorelli’s. I’m never in the Brampton area, so this was a great surprise to find this independent restaurant in the downtown core of Brampton.

Inside was quaint, rustic, elegant and eclectic. Service was wonderful. Quite busy on a Saturday night, I think reservations are recommended at this time of year.

Its an Italian place and we ordered a bunch of starters to begin with – grilled calamari in a delicious tomato sauce, everyone couldn’t get enough of it. Pita with olive paste, Caprese Crostini with goat cheese and seasonings, Shrimp Divolo – tiger shrimp in tomato sauce.. I can’t remember what else we had to start.

I had a glass of Pinot Grigio Ruffino. Usually I’m not a wine drinker, but this wine was nice and mellow without that bitter after taste. It was excellent when chilled and still good when it mellowed down.

For main course, I had Seafood Fettucine in rose sauce and loaded with various seafood – tiny shrimp, mussels, scallop, calamari. very good with enough zest and not overpowering in flavour. I thought the noodles could’ve been a little softer. But overall, I would rate this dish an 8. It was quite filling and I did not finish it all.

One guest ordered a dish called Zupa – a mixture of seafood and pasta.  We had a great laugh when her meal came – it was HUGE!  She did not realize this meal would be enough to feed four people.  I think she was embarrassed and turned off, and therefore, her appetite was dampened.  The Zuppa looked delicious though.  I would definitely order this dish in the future.

For dessert, we ordered a dessert pizza to share, called La Dolce Vita.  It was sweet garnished with fruit accompanied with vanilla mars alone cream.  Someone at the table decided to eat the cream on their own, so we had to order a side serving of ice cream.

Overall, excellent experience, delicious food and great service.  Looking forward to a future visit.

I only took a photo of my Seafood Fettucine and will post that up soon.

Address:  Fanzorelli’s Restaurant and Wine Bar, 50 Queen St. West, Brampton, ON


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